songsuneghun During a press conference held on March 27th for the new MBC drama When a Man Loves, when asked about his plans for getting married, actor Song Seung Hun replied, "Currently I have no plans. I don't have any fantasies about being married." He also added, "Loving one woman and becoming a father seems simple but I think it would be hard." Song Seung Hun also mentioned a fellow actor when he said, "No married senior of mine recommended me to get married. But Kwon Sang Woo was actually the only one who said that being married is good. He always shows me baby pictures." Song Seung Hun will make his first appearance as the main character in the newest MBC drama When a Man Loves on April 3rd. What are your thoughts on being married? Is marriage in your plans, or do you agree with Song Seung Hun when he says it sounds hard? (Source: