As you may have heard, Song Seung Hun is planning on making his comeback to the big-screen with an R-rated movie, Human Addiction, starring Jo Yeo Jung, Ohn Joo Wan, and Yoo Hye Jin. He recently shared his feelings about this more risque role with Entertainment Weekly.

In promoting the highly anticipated movie, he was interviewed on KBS2 Entertainment Weekly about his new role, as well as his current personal life and interests. It was revealed that the actor has already filmed the bed scene for the movie when he carefully commented, "It was my first bed scene. You usually don't wear clothes during bed scenes."

When asked about his love life and future marriage plans, he said that he does not have much confidence, and feels as though he will marry someone in a different career field. Song Seung Hun said, "I fall in love very quickly. I might even get married tomorrow. I have plans on getting married if there is someone I love, but not at the moment."