Song Yoon Ah is a big Sone!

During a recent press conference for the upcoming TVN action series The K2, actress Song happily gushed about her love of Girls Generation and ultimate girl crush on the lovely Yoona

"Yoona and I have a good relationship. I was a big fan of Girls' Generation since the past. Yoona probably remembers, and I apologize but I've danced with Girls' Generation when I was the MC of a film award years back. I practiced with them, and out of excitement, I even told the staff, 'Yoona is so pretty. Yoona's eyes are so bright like a deer.' At the time, she was such a pretty, pure, clean girl, and the way she looked up and called me 'Unnie' made me fall in love."

Despite their on-screen fights, she only has love for the popular idol. The 43 year-old actress reiterated her positive sentiment to Yoona at the press conference to clear up any misunderstandings during the drama's initial airing."I can still remember that face even after all these years. Seeing her on the set was welcoming and also different. In the drama, my filming with Yoona is short. From now on, there'll be more filming, and I [for the drama character] have to trouble her. I hope Yoona understands that my mind is not really like that."

The action-packed series The K2 premieres this Friday, September 23! After eight teasers, it's clear to see there will be plenty of fighting, romance and heart-stopping moments for viewers. Are you anxious to see the main stars' amazing on-screen chemistry?

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Yonhap News