The next time you take a sip from a bottle of water, be careful that you don't accidentally swallow an MP3 player. Sony has recently invented something anyone who frequently swims underwater will love: a waterproof Walkman. And in a very clever marketing strategy, the company is offering the new product inside of full water bottles.

The product was launched in January 2013 and is currently being sold inside vending machines in New Zealand. Putting the MP3 players in bottles of water is a particularly savvy way of promoting the product because it allows prospective costumers to see the Walkman in action, it's an eye-catching way of getting people's attention, and buying the MP3 player is as easy as getting a piece of candy. Just make sure not to confuse the two because a Walkman does not taste like Snickers.

Make sure to check out the advertisement for the bottled Walkman to get a good sense of the cool and innovative product: