Soo Ae was involved in a car accident while filming her upcoming drama Mask. Fortunately, the actress only suffered minor injuries, and she will be able to continue working on the series as scheduled.

On May 16, Soo Ae was in the underground parking lot at Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, Seoul to shoot scenes for Mask. A car backing out of a parking spot hit the 34-year-old actress. She was immediately taken to a hospital for treatment, but her agency, Star J Entertainment, thankfully reported that the collision was minor and that the actress suffered no severe injuries.

"Soo Ae has minor wounds on her back and leg but soon left the hospital after undergoing a medical examination. She will return to continue shooting for the drama," said a representative from Star J Entertainment. "We will just think of it as a mishap that happened before unveiling the first episode of the upcoming drama....Soo Ae also left for home without any hard feelings."

The premiere of Mask is quickly approaching on May 27. The accident will not hold up the shooting schedule, and the series will still air as planned.

We're happy to hear that Soo Ae is okay! We hope she is able to get the rest that she needs to fully recover.

You can see Soo Ae's role as a poor woman who impersonates the daughter of a wealthy family when Mask airs on DramaFever on May 27. Sign up for new episode alerts by becoming a fan of the series HERE, and check out the latest trailer below!