Soo Hyun, also known as Claudia Kim, is currently enjoying the success of being an international star as a much sought-after actress in both Korea and Hollywood. Recently, she sat down for a television show in Korea and talked about her life in Hollywood, and the insights she gave may come as quite a surprise.

Having spent six years of her childhood in New Jersey, living part of her life in Los Angeles is not something that took much getting used to for Soo Hyun. Splitting her time between working in Korea and the United States, the talented actress is now a big Hollywood actress, having appeared in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Netflix series Marco Polo, and the upcoming 2017 film Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba and Mathew McConaughey. She is currently on top of her game, living it up in Hollywood, and busy being a big movie star. Or is she?

Just yesterday, Soo appeared on Korean show Talk Road and shared her experience of life in Hollywood. According to her, "The life of a Hollywood actor isn’t that glamorous. I didn’t have a manager when I was there. I had to live alone, drive my own car, and find my own way to the movie set." For someone in her position, that may come as a surprise to many. "People might think you’re being a diva if you bring a manager. It was the same for everyone else too. The agency would give me an allowance every week, and I would use that money to cover all my expenses."

So there you have it. Despite being a star, Soo Hyun is still living a pretty quiet and normal life. But the way her career is going, all that is bound to change in the very near future.

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