The tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic passenger liner more than 100 years ago was vividly portrayed in the 1997 movie, Titanic, which became a blockbuster hit worldwide. Now, there is an ambitious plan in China to recreate the Titanic ship, the iceberg collision experience, and even a Titanic town. Find out more about the stunning plan and, guess what, you can pre-order tickets already.

Seven Star Energy Investment Group, the Chinese company that is in charge of this ambitious plan claims that the duplicate Titanic ship will be constructed on a 1:1 scale with a price tag of 1 billion yuan, or about $USD 165 million. Construction of the new Titanic has already started in a shipyard in China's Hubei province.

Visitors will be able to stay inside the recreated Titanic, role play, and even experience a high-tech simulated collision with an iceberg, like the one that sank the original oceanliner. Seven Star's CEO Su Shaojun said at a 2014 news conference, "When the ship hits the iceberg, it will shake, it will tumble. We will let people experience water coming in by using sound and light effects … They will think: 'The water will drown me; I must escape with my life'."  

(Photo: Reuters - In the center are Bernard Hill, actor who played captain Edward Smith in the 1997 movie, Titanic, and Su Shaojun, CEO o Seven Star Energy Investment group. )

Furthermore, the ship will be permanently docked in a man-made lake and "will never sink," according to the company. The lake's water will come from the Qi river in Sichuan province where the company is building a dam. Adjacent to the lake will be a "Titanic Town" built in the image of old Belfast so that visitors can enjoy strolling in an European town. Belfast is where the Titanic ship was originally built.

It seems unusual to turn a tragic incident into an adventure, but this is not the first time commercial interests outweigh sensibilities. The Titanic movie with its fictional romantic story about Jack and Rose was made for entertainment too. There will also be a museum to educate people about the history of the Titanic and its tragic sinking. I'd actually be more concerned about the construction that affects the Qi river and the existing historic sites along the river. 

Would you visit the Titanic theme park? According to the company's website, you can pre-order cabin stays at the new Titanic. The opening date is slated for late 2016.

~ NancyZdramaland

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