soul_newsSophisticated and chilling, Soul (Hon in Korean) is a rarity among Korean dramas (and the first of its genre for Dramafever!) - a well-produced, well-received horror series. Combining elements of the horror and thriller genres, it's part murder mystery, part paranormal tale, and part old-fashioned thrills-and-chills. Rookie actress Im Joo Eun, chosen for the lead from more than a thousand competitors, garnered rave reviews from viewers and critics alike, launching her from obscurity to the headlines, while megastar Lee Seo Jin (hugely popular for his roles in dramas such as Damo, Lovers, and Yi San) co-starred as the male lead.  At ten episodes, Soul, also known as Hon, is a taut, moody ride underscored by traces of romance, and is wholly riveting.

Yoon Ha Na (Im Joo Eun) is a seemingly ordinary high school student with a loving twin sister and a devoted mother. A classmate's suicide triggers strange, dark visions and nightmares, her sister dies a mysterious, horrible death, and soon buoyant, cheerful Ha Na finds herself changing. Gradually, she realizes that her sister's spirit has inhabited her body and joined with hers, giving her superhuman strength and other abilities.

Meanwhile, a mysterious serial killer has begun stalking young girls in the area. When successful criminal psychologist Shin Ryu (Lee Seo Jin) is called in to investigate the murders, he discovers her abilities. He decides to use her to kill people whom the law can't touch, using her to form his own kind of justice. Further mysteries rapidly arise, however - what is Ha Na's past? What is the identity of the serial killer? And last, but not least, with whom does the real evil of the drama lie?

Also known as Spirit, Ghost, or Possessed.

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