Sure, some of you believe Lee Min Ho is the one for you, and others refuse to look at anyone other than Joo Won; But what if I told you that in a few minutes you'll know exactly who you're destined to be with? Below are a series of questions that will totally change your life forever! Maybe you never even thought of being with either one of these guys until this very moment. Whatever the situation may be, don't be scared, just take the test and uncover your soulmate!

Directions: There are 8 questions each with A and B choices. Answer each question as truthfully as possible, and when you're done tally the number of A and B answers you have. Whichever count is higher will reveal which guy is the ONE for you.

1. When it comes to hobbies which do you prefer?

A. Surfing a couple of gnarly waves.

B. Hitting the slopes with your snowboard and skis.

2. Which scenario is closest to your own political views?

A. We should go after those in office who have personally hurt us and make sure the press is there to capture their punishments so the world will know our struggle!

B. We should fight politics and oppressive leaders as a united front and make justice for all our main objective!

3. When it comes to crying and overall emotional breakdowns, how would you prefer your man express himself?

A. I would rather my man have an emotional breakdown privately in his room or parked car, just as long as he's out of my sight.

B. I would rather my man be open about his emotions even if it means having an emotional breakdown at the dinner table while carbo-loading on potatoes.

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4. When it comes to dimples, do you prefer your man to have them or not?

A. No, a beautiful smile is a beautiful smile with or without dimples.

B. Yes, dimples make everyone look cuter!

5. What male fashion style is most attractive to you?

A. Designer suits and fur-trimmed collars complete with brand names I can barely pronounce. 

B. Cute, casual, and sometimes preppy. Jeans and a nice sweater usually, and occasionally a nice tailored suit.

6. When is it ok for your man to lie about his identity? 

A. Lying about your identity is only acceptable if it's for revenge and your reason for revenge is a very good one.

B. Lying about your identity is only acceptable if it's a job requirement.

7. Your man planned a romantic lunch date for the two of you. Where do you hope he takes you?

A. I hope my man takes me to Namsan Tower so I can eat lunch with a view of Seoul and then take couple photos after, and leave a lock on the gate to symbolize our love for each other!

B. I hope my man takes me to a cute neighborhood bakery where we sit at a cute little table on the sidewalk, have nice conversation, and eat while the scent of delicious baked bread made from scratch fills our nostrils!

8. It's snack time and you're hungry so you call your man and tell him to stop at the convenience store and buy you something yummy. He brings you...

A. Instant ramen!

B. Triangle Gimbap!

Alright it's now time for the moment of truth! If you chose mostly As...

Your Soulmate is LEE MIN HO!

You and Lee Min Ho just love spending quality time at the beach, eating nice meals in fancy places, and keeping your feelings to yourself instead of sharing. You would rather keep a bit of your life personal instead of totally opening up to one another, and that's what makes you two soulmates!

If you chose mostly Bs...

Your Soulmate is JOO WON!

You and Joo Won appreciate the little things in life and prefer to be open and honest with one other all the time. You two enjoy quality over quantity and always think of each other and others rather than just yourselves. Your big hearts and lack of desire to compete with others is what makes the two of you soulmates!

Your soulmate Lee Min Ho is busy preparing for his upcoming global tour in October, while your soulmate Joo Won is working hard on his drama Tomorrow's Cantabile, premiering soon on DramaFever. Start your relationships off right by supporting your men! You can see Joo Won in the trailer below:

Let us know who your soulmate turned out to be by commenting below! FYI mine is Joo Won!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE