Today we uploaded a new series called Soulmate.  A combination of Friends and Sex in the City, this refreshing, witty and sexy sitcom is our current favorite. We follow six charismatic characters through blind dates, breakups and hookups in 12 enjoyable chapters which make fun of the trials and tribulations of being single and dating in Seoul today. Because of its story line, actors and music, the title did not enjoy massive popularity in Korea – we don’t think anyone over 40 years old watched it – but amongst the young people it grew one of the strongest cult followings to this date.

Let us introduce the characters...

Introducing the ladies girl1girl2girl3 Su Gyeong (left) is a romantic at heart, but her heart has been broken and she finds herself lost and alone. Trying to navigate the dating scene after a five year relationship is tough, but proves to be a time of self discovery for her. Minae (center) is the player – never satisfied with any single man, she passes her time seducing them as entertainment. But there is more to her than pick up lines and sexy moves, as she starts to fall in love. Yu Jin (right) is naive, cute and looking for a guy. Overprotected, her family is now pressuring her to get married and she is thrust into the blind dating scene. Who knew that she could master the game? Here are the guys guy1guy2guy3 Dong Wook (left) is the heartthrob who cannot commit to a relationship. However, he is faced with some hard choices when he thinks he has discovered love and when he actually does. Ryohei (center) is a Japanese model working in Korea. One would think that he is a natural born player but he is simply a nice guy who does not get caught up in the game – until foxy ladies start fighting over him that is. Philip (right) is the typical guy who tries to do everything right but ends up messing everything up; we’re guessing he was included in the cast because he looks like Bae Yong Joon, but we really don’t like him. Watch the trailer: Watch Soulmate now! Other Drama Updates We also added new episodes for Couple or Trouble, Dr. Kkkang, Goong, H.I.T, I Really Really Like You, Jumong, La Dolce Vita, Last Scandal, New Heart, Que Sera Sera, Thank You, White Tower, and Yisan.