by Sara A. Layne: With all the action and melodramas out now, it’s nice to have a few light hearted romance comedy k-dramas around to give you an emotional break. A Gentleman’s Dignity gives me just that and so does its OST. A Gentleman’s Dignity is about four friends (the F44) who are all successful in their careers. Their love lives are a different story. Not to give everything away (just in case you’re reading this but haven’t watched the drama) but I really enjoy the Kim Do Jin/Seo Yi Soo story line. The whole “one sided love” is hysterical. Also the little scenes they have before the official start of the episode makes me crack up. Whoever the writers are definitely need a high five from me because there isn’t really anything I don’t like about this drama. Okay, on to the OST. I’m glad that it is so complete. The ending theme song is Kim Tae Woo’s High High. Like the drama, the song is light hearted and funny. I find myself singing along to it every time I watch an episode. Another sing along song (a foot tapper if you will) is Jeon Geun Hwa’s Beautiful Words. It reminds me of the scenes when one of the female actors tries to do something cute (like Me Ah Ri trying to win-over Yoon). Of course not all the songs are light hearted. Lee Hyun’s My Heartstore is played multiple times during the drama when there is a sad moment. When Yi Soo realizes that Do Jin’s one sided love isn’t one sided anymore, they play the song. When Tae San and Se Ra fight for the 1, 000 time, they play the song. When Me Ah Ri decides she needs to run out in the middle of traffic and Yoon saves her, they play this song. You get my drift. Overall the music and the drama is cute and will make you smile.  Let me know if you’re watching the drama and what you think of it in the comments or tweet me at @couturekitty. Also check out my blog where I discuss older dramas and their OSTs at A Gentleman’s Dignity OST My Heartstore – 8eight’s Lee Hyun High High – Kim Tae Woo Love, What to Do – Yangpa Beautiful Words – M Signal’s Jeon Geun Hwa Everyday – Park Eun Woo When I Look At You – Kyun Woo You Are Everywhere – Big Baby Driver Spring I Love You Best – Big Baby Driver My Heartache - Piano Version Love, What to Do - Inst. Smile (Feat. Jay Kim) Click here for more kdrama and kpop reviews and recaps!