by Sara A. Layne

Has your heart healed after watching the last episode of Bridal Mask? Mine hasn’t yet (I have the mountains of tissues to prove it). I knew as soon as I found out Joo Won was going to be a main character in it, Bridal Mask was going to be good. What I didn’t expect was the how good and how heart wrenching it was going to be. The scream that Lee Kangto (Joo Won) did when he found his mother’s body STILL gives me chills and that was a few episodes ago. I know I’m not the only one that has to take an emotional breather when watching this show. I tried to marathon 4 episodes back to back to back and needed DAYS to recover. As you know I am a huge lover of the kdrama OSTs so I was extremely excited when they started releasing the songs. The first one released was Ulala Session's Goodbye Day. Their voices are blended together perfectly and enhance the angst you KNOW Lee Kangto is feeling in almost every episode. I cannot listen to this song without getting slightly depressed just from the memories of the drama it envokes. I can’t even write about it without starting to get sad so I’ll move on. The second song released from the OST is 4Men's I Couldn’t. 4Men is known for their soulful ballads and this song doesn’t disappoint. The orchestra paired with their vocals showcases the love between Shunji and Mok Dan, or perhaps between Kangto and Mok Dan (wiggles eyebrows). I really don’t know who I want who to end up with. I hope that they release more songs for this drama especially since there is talk about it getting an extension. So tell me, are you enjoying Bridal Mask? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @couturekitty, and if you’re interested, check out my blog where I discuss older dramas and their OSTs at Bridal Mask OST Ulala Session – Goodbye Day

4MEN – I Couldn’t

Goodbye Day - Instrumental

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