by Sara A. Layne: Melodramas, man oh man. The angst, the betrayal, the music. I have to be honest, while I really like MAN OF EQUATOR (it’s my number 2 after Rooftop Prince), I am somewhat disappointed over the OST. When you watch the show you can hear the fullness of the orchestra playing the background music, it really helps draw you into the drama. I say that a lot don’t I? Well it’s true and that is why they put music in everything, right? Can you imagine how boring dramas would be if there was no music to get your emotions riled up? Anyway back to the OST. As soon as I finished episode 1, I have been searching for all the music that they use in the series. Unfortunately I can only find these three. Here’s to hoping that they will release more parts to the OST as time goes on. The song several of the episodes end with is Im Jae Bum’s Strings of Fate (Destiny). Im Jae Bum has done songs for several dramas like City Hunter, Sign and Lovers. His strong and clear voice will have you rocking from side to side by the time the song is halfway over. He’s also planning on doing something with JY Park soon and I, for one, am very excited to hear it.JJ’s For You and the piano version is played during a few scenes between Kim Sun Woo and Soo Mi (you know the whole I like you, you like me but we’ll both play dumb). It’s sweet and light hearted in a drama seeped in angst. The most recent song that has been released for the OST is Lee Soo Young’s The Only Way We Know. I really like the sound of her voice and hope that she will be coming out with more songs in the near future. I’m only on episode 7 of Man of Equator so I can’t tell you too much of what’s going on with the drama but like I said earlier, so far so good. If you aren’t watching it yet, you should definitely give it a try, if only to hear the awesome music ^_^ Is there a song from a drama you can’t get out of your head? Let me know and I will do my best to find it for you! Man of Equator OST 우리 둘만 아는 길(The Only Way We Know) – Lee Soo Young For You – JJ Strings of Fate (Destiny)  – Im Jae Bum Read more from Sara here! Follow her on Twitter @couturekitty! Watch MAN OF EQUATOR right now!