Will we see Park Yoo Chun on Oscar night? His new movie, Sea Fog, has been selected as South Korea's entry in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 87th Annual Academy Awards to be held on February 22, 2015. Only one film is accepted from a country for the Best Foreign Language Film category, and each country submits what it considers the best movie of the year for that category. If Sea Fog wins, it will be the first time a South Korean movie earns that honor.

Sea Fog (Korean name: Haemoo) is a gritty story set in 1998 about a fishing vessel that took on a dangerous mission to smuggle a group of Korean-Chinese immigrants to Korea. Directed by Shim Sung Bo, it has a strong cast of veteran actors, including Kim Yoon Suk as the boat's captain. Park Yoo Chun plays Dong Sik, one of the crew members.

In an interview in Taiwan, Director Shim praised Yoochun's performance. He said he originally thought of Yoochun as innocent and shy, but he later realized Yoochun is very ambitious towards acting. For the movie, Yoochun had to gain 11 pounds in weight and learn a local dialect. The entire cast spent over 2 months in the sea for the filming. Yoochun had to endure a lot of seasickness. The scene where Yoochun leaped off the boat to save actress Han Ye Ri  took 8 days to shoot.

The movie is Park Yoo Chun's first full-length film, and he also has bed scenes in the movie. He explained that he was worried about the bed scene from the start, but he recognized that the urgency of the situation in the story called for the bed scene. He said, "The situation is about how the person doesn't know if he will live or die and the feeling of wanting to actually live; I want to ideally express how that feels (through the scenes) and how both feelings can coexist at the same time.”

Here's the trailer for Sea Fog, and it's subbed in English.

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Congratulations to the entire production team and the cast for Sea Fog being selected to represent South Korea at the Oscars. We won't know if the movie will be nominated in the foreign language category until the final nominations are announced. Let's hope the Academy members understand how much fans would like to see Park Yoo Chun on the red carpet.

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