On October 30, beloved actor Kim Joo Hyuk tragically passed away in a car accident. According to multiple news reports, the 45-year-old star lost control of his SUV and collided with another vehicle before crashing into a building in Seoul. 

South Korea's entertainment industry was completely blown away by his shocking death, and many celebrities halted their activities to mourn him while honoring his memory. 

Idols cancelled their V app sessions with fans, and Jung Se Woon, LOONA and Nam Ji Hyun decided to delay their broadcasts to acknowledge him. Kim's girlfriend, Lee Yoo Young, was scheduled to film Running Man the day he passed and was unable to go.The SBS variety program chose to halt filming when they heard the heartbreaking news of Kim's passing. The films Brother and Silence cancelled VIP screenings and meet and greets respectively. Silence didn't have a red carpet, but actor Choi Min Sik expressed his sadness over losing a beloved co-worker. 

Stars came to his mortuary in droves, including the Running Man team. His agency plans to set up a separate mortuary, so his fans can pay their respects as well, 

Eyewitnesses first believed Kim Joo Hyuk's car accident was caused by a heart attack, but police are suspecting that he may have had a severe allergic reaction to skin medication. His agency assured the public he was healthy and wasn't on medication, however, an insider told the DongA Ilbo that his dermatologist recently prescribed a month's worth of once-a-day medicine for a skin condition. Side effects of the medicine included drowsiness, headaches, and fatigue. Convulsions, dyskinesia, loss of directional sense, and severe shock could occur in severe cases. Kim Joo Hyuk called the hospital that allegedly prescribed the medicine 2 hours prior to the accident and was scheduled to meet the doctor with his manager later. While his family awaits the autopsy results next week, they are set on investigating the hospital.

In response to the news, the medical center had this to say, "Mr. Kim made an appointment for that day but did not come. He got his skin managed here but did not do anything else."

I remember him best as Choi Ji Woo's partner in Like For Likes and the classic series Lovers in Prague. He was a talented actor and will be greatly missed. 

We send our heartfelt condolences to Kim Joo Hyuk's family and friends. 

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