A South Korean baseball team is subscribing to a new belief that if you don't have enough fans, just make them robots. The baseball team is called the Hanwha Eagles, but they are often known as the "Hanwha Chickens" because they hardly ever win. So in order to combat a decline in their fandom, the team has created a new slew of robots to cheer the team on.

The program is actually pretty cool because if you are not at the game you can create a robot fan using social media. It works like this: fans take a picture of themselves, upload it on the site, and then send messages to the robot that they will use to cheer the team on. The robot then projects your face and relays the downloaded messages on to the team.

I've assuming whatever words you write have to be generally positive, but it would be fun to get your robot to say things like, "Yay! We are mediocre at best!!" It will be interesting to see if this program sticks or if the human Eagles' fans start thinking that they are in the middle of the robot apocalypse.

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