We may agree or disagree on whether plastic surgery is necessary to improve beauty as perceived, but there is no doubt that when used properly, plastic surgery can change and transform lives dramatically. The popular South Korean reality show Let Me In depicts extreme makeovers using plastic surgery with an interview process where prospective participants come to plead their case in front of a panel of hosts. The results can be stunning and poignant at the same time.

Take the case of 18-year old Guo Fan-Yuan, for instance. She is actually a college student who was picked by the show from Chinese applicants. When Guo was a young child, she fell down from the high chair and hurt her upper teeth. Her parents were too poor to send her for medical care. Her condition eventually became an 'anti-jaw' where her lower jaw grew to 17.8 centimeters, twice the normal length, and it gave her problems in chewing and eating. She also suffered from being teased as an extra-terrestrial alien.

Once the show took her case, they took her to South Korea for expert advice and makeover surgery. They determined that the only surgery required was to reduce her elongated jaw.

After a 9-hour grueling surgery, Fan-Yuan did not forget to write thank you to express her gratitude as she looked forward with excitement mixed with some trepidation to her future looks.

Another 60 days passed, the audience of the show was amazed to see the emergence of a totally transformed Fan-Yuan. She actually only had the jaw surgery but it was enough to bring out her natural beauty. When asked how it felt different to her, her answer may surprise you. She said she could eat with more ease now, especially noodles.

The show's name, Let Me In, or 'Let美人' is a play on the Chinese characters '美人' for 'Beauty' that sound like 'Me In' in Korean. It first premiered in December 2011 and has garnered both accolades and condemnation in Korea. Nevertheless, the show is a ratings favorite, is now in Season 4, and recently started a Chinese edition.

When an applicant is chosen, she receives the surgery and makeover for free in exchange for waiving the rights to her images being used for advertising. No doubt, one of the main beneficiaries has been ID Hospital in Seoul, one of Korea's largest bone-surgery hospitals. The hospital's Dr. Park is a regular on the show, and he coined the term 'V-Line' surgery, a surgery that cuts and contours the sides of the lower jaw bone to produced a smaller V-shaped jaw, considered a desired facial trait by current Korean beauty standards. Critics of the show are concerned that so much emphasis on plastic surgery further desensitizes the public to unnecessary use of the procedures as well as degrades the traditional Korean society's value for dignity and poise.

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At the end of the show, the doctor offered Guo Fan-Yuan further procedures to improve her nose and eyes. What do you think? What would you do if you were her?