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South Korea's President Park Geun Hye has issued an apology on Monday for last week's scandal, an embarrassing blip in her only three-month-old government. The scandal involved her main spokesman, Yoon Chang Jung, 56, during his state visit in Washington DC, where he was accused of sexual abuse and indecent exposure.

A Washington Metropolitan Police Department report states that a young Korean-American intern at the South Korean embassy told police that Mr. Yoon had "grabbed her buttocks without her permission." Presidential aides have also told reporters that the former spokesman admitted during an internal investigation that he "touched the woman’s buttocks in a hotel bar on Tuesday evening and was naked when she dropped in on him in his hotel room the next morning."

However, Mr. Yoon claimed during his news conference on Saturday that he had only once "tapped" the back of the intern's waist during drinks at a hotel bar and that he had been wearing underwear in his rush to answer the door when he heard a knock the following day.

Talk of the scandal is drawing attention to other troubles in the new President's government as well, as President Park has been notoriously accused of choosing officials with questionable ethical standards (charges of tax evasion and other misdeeds) for important posts in her administration and staff.

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While President Park apologized for the aide, she did not mention sexual harassment in her statement, which instead thinly veiled a warning to officials: “I hope this will serve as an opportunity for all public officials to reflect on their attitudes and have greater control over their own attitudes."

(Source: nytimes.com)