By now you have probably seen the April Fools' Day joke DramaFever pulled on fans, but if you were in Korea on April 1st, you also couldn't trust anybody. You probably would have heard something interesting and surprising, but there is high probability that you were being tricked. Kids don’t miss out on this day in which it's good to make a fool of somebody. Here are some pictures that show how Korean children surprised other people on April Fools' Day.

April Fools’ Day is the day that South Korean students eagerly wait for to pull pranks. The 1st of April is called ‘만우절 Manwoo-jeol’ in South Korea, and on that day, Korean students in school indulge in whatever they want to do or whatever they want to lie to other people about. Sometimes it can cross the line, but people usually overlook their lies to enjoy tricking others and being tricked by others.

The highlight of April Fools' Day is tricking teachers. Students make a falsehood plan for the day without distinction of sex, age and grade. Students switch their classroom’s signs or all students wait for a teacher sitting in a different classroom. Many teachers are ready to receive pranks, but some pranks still make teachers astonished.

Playing with signs:

Wearing a uniform backwards:

Waiting for a teacher in unexpected places:

Sometimes just disappearing!

Sitting sideways:

Teachers' counter-attacks:

Some students in a high school located in Seoul went a little too far by writing, ‘Teacher, it was too hard...Sorry’ and their shoes were neatly paired in front of an open window. Then the students were lying on the ground as if they committed suicide by jumping out of the window. Their teacher was shocked at first but it was all from April Fools' Day.

Of course it’s hard to hold class. And the pranks get more serious and darker. Some schools issue the closing of school on that day for the reason that they can’t control students’ pranks. However, the memories of April Fools' Day become something unforgettable to not only Korean students but also teachers. I also remember that I enjoyed the day when I was in high school in Korea. I was screaming 'Look! There is a UFO!' and then pretended to faint with all my classmates, seniors and juniors on the playground. I was a little bit embarrassed, but it was funny. I wish that schools had good cultures for this day and did not have to issue a closing notice to students.

What do you think? Were they funny or did they go too far?