For the first time in human history, the average life expectancy is set to exceed 90 years old by the time 2030 rolls around, but it's not everybody that gets to enjoy their twilight years in good health. For now, it's only Korean women that are expected to live that long, but the rest of us aren't that far behind.

According to findings made by an international team of scientists funded by the UK Medical Research Council and the US Environmental Protection Agency, average life expectancy will exceed 90 for the first time ever in 2030. Leading the way to a healthier and longer life will be Korean women, who will be the only ones expected to live that long, 90.8 years to be exact. For Korean girls born in 2010, they are expected to live for an average of 84.2 years. Korean boys born in 2030 will live on average for 84.1 years. It's crazy to think that only a 20-year difference in when an individual is born can add 6 years to a life, which just goes to show how medicine, health care, and socio-economic situations can affect the quality of life. In years prior, Japan was always known to have the longest living elders, but Korea will have surpassed the Japanese in a few decades, as the Japanese diet and lifestyle have experienced more of a long-term Westernization than their neighbors. 

Anytime average lifespan increases for any country, that is usually a positive sign for the people, as it shows an improvement in quality of life. Education, the economy, health care, nutrition, etc. All these things have to improve for the population to get healthier, which is exactly what has been happening in Korea the last few decades. Ominously, the average life span for Americans is not increasing at the same pace as others throughout the world, which is quite disconcerting. 

All we can do to live a healthier, longer, and more productive life is to eat right, exercise, and try to be stress-free and happy as can be. Do that, and hopefully, we'll all be able to look back and be grateful of a life well-lived.


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