Last month, South Koreans voted to "love bomb" North Korea with pairs of hot pink underwear. The goal of underwear makers Björn Borg’s autumn campaign, ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction,’ was to drop underwear onto the city most in need of love. However, they never anticipated that by popular vote they would be tasked with infiltrating the most difficult city in the world, Pyongyang, North Korea.

Björn Borg set up a poll so that netizens could vote for which city worldwide needed the most help with seduction, the end goal being to air drop 450 pairs of sexy, hot pink panties into that city. By the poll’s end on October 31st, more than 53,000 people around the world had voted, with 60 percent of the votes going to the North Korean city of Pyongyang. To the dismay of Björn Borg, about 70 percent of the site's traffic was coming from South Korea by the poll's end, despite the fact that the company had never even campaigned there. One company representative stated, "We haven't done any marketing to South Korea, we don't even have distribution there. It just happened. There must have been some serious interest in love-bombing North Korea. The internet moves in mysterious ways."

Their marketing director, Lina Söderqvist, stated, "We couldn’t even imagine a place like North Korea would win. We had planned how we would pursue an airdrop, and we could have done it almost anywhere in the world – except North Korea. Someone would get hurt." Luckily, Björn Borg was determined to see the seduction campaign through, "We had promised to deliver our underwear to the winner, and the world voted for North Korea. And we thought, who are we to say no? We’ve been given this mission, by the world. So let’s do it."

They decided that the best tactic would be to send an undercover Swedish journalist to secretly disperse the underwear around town. The infiltrator was able to receive a tourist visa, but was only allowed to bring one suitcase, which he managed to stuff with 150 pairs of hot pink camo underwear. North Korean "guides" accompanied him at all times, so he also gave them underwear too, out of appreciation. He managed to hand out much of the underwear, but because many North Korean citizens were afraid of the consequences of accepting it, he resorted to dropping the last of it out his hotel window.

The undercover reporter wrote on the Björn Borg blog about his experience saying, "I wish I could be there when someone finds the gifts I put out on the street. In any case, I'm sure the recipients of our gifts will have use for them, and that their new Weapons of Mass Seduction will do more good than the thousands of actual weapons in circulation here."