Kim Ye Jin emerged as the winner of Miss Deaf International in the 2014 Miss and Mister Deaf International competition held in London on August 5. The beautiful Miss Kim actually only decided to compete in the pageant because she couldn't find others to represent South Korea, and she had to prepare by learning the necessary skills.

Kim Ye Jin (South Korea) -- Miss Deaf International, and Aarron Loggins (USA) -- Mister Deaf International 2014.

The Miss and Mister Deaf International pageant first started in the U.S. in 2010, and this year marks its fifth anniversary. At first, Miss Kim didn't think about participating in the event. She set up the non-profit Miss & Mister Deaf Korea a few months ago to help others enter the event. But she couldn't find the right candidate and finally decided to enter the event herself.

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But first, Miss Kim had to overcome some hurdles in order to compete. She prepared by taking lessons to master traditional Korean drum dance, and she taught herself international sign language. She watched others practice in London to pick up tips in runway walking. She also paid for all the expenses herself. As in other pageants, the contestants are evaluated on their walk and on their interview. Traditional costume and swimsuit competition are also included in the event.

During the interview, Miss Kim answered by sign language and writing, adding emphasis with her facial expressions and gestures. She said, "It is important in the pageant for the deaf to show how they have become more strong-willed and considerate as they have to fight to overcome prejudices in society. I think the role of Miss Deaf is to use such experience and character to help those with disabilities to live in harmony with others."

For winning the competition, Miss Kim received a prize equivalent to a one-year trip around the world. She is working to start a business that will offer tour guides to foreign deaf tourists visiting Korea, and she is now busy building a website for her new agency.

Congratulations, Kim Ye Jin, Miss Deaf International 2014!