Introducing South Korea's love potion in the form of a shower gel: Human for men and Huwoman for women. The products are advertised as having pheromone—the chemical secreted by animals and insects that influences the behavior of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex. The company claims "6 hours of effectiveness" and is going for a discounted price of  19,800 won ($18). In a time where we prioritize our hygiene and sanitation, we get rid of most of our naturally produced chemicals and such that often lower our immunity, or in this case, decrease our chance of naturally attracting a mate. Enter Human and Huwoman, which will—apparently—keep you fresh and clean and will retain not just your regular level of pheromone, but ten times the amount. The comic below translates into Boy 1's curiosity as to why Boy 2 has so much luck with the ladies. When venting his frustrations, his lady friend comments that there is something about his smell that makes her heart flutter. In reaction to that comment, Boy 1 approaches Boy 2  and tries to figure out what product it could be (Axe much?) by sniffing him like a dog and pestering him. To make Boy 1 stop, Boy 2 tells him his secret. The secret is the pheromone containing shower gel, and we see a teeny illustrated version of the product (for men: Human). In the end, Boy 1 is successful in attaining a girlfriend while Boy 2, still single, regrets revealing his secret.

Have you heard of this product, or tried it? Would you try it? I'm curious to hear how effective it is!