gossip   stitch T-ara Soyeon’s text messages shared with rookie actress Yoon Yi Na and singer Soo Ah are becoming a heated issue among netizens. Somehow, these KakaoStory messages were leaked online. The story of the text messages start out as follows: Soyeon and Soo Ah first talk about a clothing brand. And it is followed by their complaints that because an “unni” (Korean word referring to an older girl or woman) wears the certain brand a lot, they can’t wear the same brand. The identity of this “unni” gets a bit more specific as Yoon Yi Na joins the conversation and asks if the two were talking about Stitch (presumably, the nickname of the unknown unni). 20130122000340_0 Their conversation continues: Soo Ah: “You mean mad Stitch?” Yoon Yi Na: “You mean old Stitch?” Soo Ah: “She’s even old?” Yoon Yi Na: “She seems to have lots of wrinkles.” So far, the KakaoStory conversation seems unremarkable. However, it got problematic after many netizens supposed that who the three girls referred to as "Stitch"  is actress Yoon Eun Hye! Of course, the three deny it was about Yoon Eun Hye. Do you have any idea who this Stitch might be? Or do you think it’s even worth trying to figure out? (Source: www.sports.chosun.com)