Stills released Monday show Jaejoong and his co star Ko Sung Hee are getting close on the set of Spy. Winter may be settling in, but you wouldn't know it by the latest pictures coming in from the set of Spy. Here, Jaejoong and Sung Hee are filming a romantic scene with snow falling around them.

“Ko and Jaejoong are teaming up for the first time in a drama, but their passion for acting is leading to the best chemistry,” a spokesman for the television series said. “The unexpected snowfall also helped the romantic mood in the kiss scene.” 

When a prosecutor discovers he has months to live, can he turn his life around and tear down corruption? Find out in the gripping melodrama Punch:

Everyone is working hard despite the cold weather.  This looks like a good drama to watch while wrapped up in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate.

Spy is based on the Israeli drama Mice.  The spy thriller revolves around Sung Woo, a Korean intelligence agent and his mother, Hye Rim, a former North Korean spy.