Another crazy collaboration was formed in Japan, this time involving animators. Developers of world-famous Pokemon joined forces with one of Japan's top horror animators, developing a horror version of Pokemon that may just traumatize younger fans.

Recently put up on Pokemon's official website, this special horror version illustration was created by Junji Ito, a 51-year-old manga artist given the moniker "The Prince of Horror Manga." A few of his most popular works are titled Tomie Uzumaki, and Gyo, which are already considered as masterpieces by many. Tomie and Uzumaki, for those who are interested, have both been released in English as well. 

The idea for this collaboration with Pokemon started out with the concept "What if Pokemon was actually scary?" The resulting illustration, as you can see in the cover photo, is totally capable of freaking kids out, so beware of who you show. Things may never be the same....

If the horror version of Pokemon is your thing, a special wallpaper for your smartphone is available on the Pokemon website, along with some illustrations of the Pokemon monster doll, Jupetta, also drawn by Junji.

Now we know what the dark side Pokemon looks like.



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