Remember the names of impressive actors Byun Yo Han and Park Hyuk Kwon because their spectacular sword fight in Six Flying Dragons is now legendary. The epic fight rivals the best of any scenes in the martial arts genre, and its ferocity even vividly echos the intensity between two gunslingers in a Western.

The two characters, Lee Bang Ji and Gil Tae Mi, while symbolizing good versus evil, ultimately fought as two warriors with competing thoughts that lingered and stirred long after the blood was shed and the stain was covered by the dust. 

It wasn't just a fight between two men. It was a final confrontation with the result influencing the future of the nation. Gil Tae Mi (Park Hyuk Kwon) represented the powerful who oppressed and took from the weak. Lee Bang Ji (Byun Yo Han) represented the oppressed poor and meek who would rise up.

You'll be amazed by the formidable display of the intricate sword fight and the fierce intensity that connected two very different swordsmen.

The actual fight would continue until only one is left standing.

By the time they fought, Goryeo Korea was surviving on the last of its breaths after decades of corrupt rule where the king and noblemen were out of touch with the plight of the common people.

Gil Tae Mi's explanation about why he took from the weak still resonates in our modern age, where the gap between the wealthy and the poor is as wide as the ocean. With his death, the captivating historical drama will enter a new phase. 

I've watched many historical dramas before, but usually I focus on the romance between the leads. In Six Flying Dragons, however, the romance takes a back seat to the tumultuous changes that occur in chaotic times, when men and women put aside personal desires and wishes for the greater good. They will try to shape the world according to their ideals, but will they be able to fight and win against destiny? Will the sacrifice be worth it?

I highly recommend you watch the entire sword fighting sequence at the beginning of episode 18 (below). If you want to understand more about the backstory, start from episode 1 of the enthralling Six Flying Dragons and read our excellent recaps.

 ~ NancyZdramaland

(Images: Six Flying Dragons)