Wearable tech is all the rage these days. Check out this Intel Edison-powered, animatronic/mechatronic dress, if you will.

Dutch fashion-tech designer and innovator Anouk Wipprecht's Spider Dress 2.0 (the updated version of her first Spider Dress) has been integrated with several technologies that allow it to not only sense people and your reaction to them, but it will discourage them from entering your personal space.

Is that cool or what.

(Intel/Wipprecht Synapse Dress image source: iMaterialise.com)

Wipprecht ditched the electronic look of her first prototype and used 3D printing to give this fully integrated bodice a fractal, skeletal style. The spider leg epaulettes on each shoulder are robotic and attached to proximity sensors and a respiration sensor through an Intel Edison chip. What does this mean? Well, let's say someone moves aggressively towards you and you don't like it. The increase in your respiration and the closeness of the other person will trigger the mechanical legs to move up and into an attack position.

The black LED shells stationed along the garment that resemble spider eyes don't wait for your breathing to increase. Regardless of whether you see the person and depending how you're being approached, they'll automatically flash in warning or simply glow a welcome to them.

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I call this "Spidey-sense" for the clever fashionista. 

In her past work, before Wipprecht was able to use Edison, things were difficult at best because the only microcontrollers available were big and bulky, not at all attractive when it came to fashion.

"Edison allows me to integrate a super small piece of technology which can quickly compute complicated sets of signals, on-board storage and interconnect wirelessly to a lot of input data at once in a more advanced and intelligent way, to run my designs," she said of her current projects. 

The Spider Dress 2.0 will make its debut at the world's biggest technology trade show of the coming year, CES 2015, which opens January 6 in Las Vegas.

Seeing it in person would be an absolute blast, don't you think?

Video screenshots: Stephe Thornton  

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