Even superheroes have to go to class sometimes. Spider-Man, the very busy and popular superhero, recently decided to attend a regional geography class at the University of Tokyo. Dressed in his full costume, including very cool matching red Adidas sneakers, Spider-Man sat in the front row of a geography lecture at the Japanese school.

Spider-Man sat attentively, then spontaneously broke out in his signature 'shooting web' pose. The professor of the class was so impressed that he took out his phone and snapped a picture of the masked crusader. The rest of the students in the class seemed not to care. Maybe next year they will act more excited if Batman drops in to teach capitals.

Wow, what a good student.

Great sneakers, but where is your notebook?

Striking the pose. The professor luckily was not covered in webs.

Apparently the student in the background has seen so many superheroes in geography class, that he's just over it. He's thinking, "Come on Spider-Man, we want to learn about mountain ranges."