You know the feeling where you want to know a K-drama's ending, but also don’t want to see it because it's the last episode of your favorite drama? The more videos and photos of the last episodes of Heirs I find, the more bittersweet it is. Here is the preview video of Heirs episode 19. At least this makes me expect an ending I can smile about for some of the main characters, but not all.

Tan : I want to date Eun Sang formally.

Eun Sang’s mother : I can’t give you permission.

Tan’s mother : Tan is handsome, tall, good-hearted. He takes death upon himself where Eun Sang is concerned. My son is better than her. Why don’t you like him?

Eun Sang : Kim Tan! Are you the last again? You said you were always behind me!

Tan : Go forward.

Rachel : How is your father’s business going?

Young Do : What the hell are you doing now?

Young Do’s father : Choi Young Do, get out!

Principal : A person who has a real shot to win can start a war again. Be on my side.

Tan : So thank you for throwing such a great birthday party.

Tan’s father : How do you dare to appear with her in front of the cameras?!

Tan : This is my girlfriend.

Eun Sang : Nice to meet you. I am Cha Eun Sang.

Here are some GIFs of cute Tan!

However, why does the writer make Young Do so sad? Will Young Do get a happy ending? I really hope that better things will come to him. Did Young Do or I do something bad to the writer? This writer makes me panic .

What do you think will happen in the last two episodes of Heirs? Comments below!