There's just something about a good spy thriller that really gets our hearts racing here at the Drama Fever offices.  So, when we first got word that Han Seok Kyu, Ha Jung Woo, Ryu Seung Beom, and Jeon Ji Hyun would be starring in one—one with an awesome title like The Berlin File, no less—we began to feel palpitations.  So you can imagine the kind of day we had when we first learned that stills from the film have been released.  It gets better, though—the first official trailer is finally here!  Here's what we now know: Jung Woo plays a North Korean spy who was was working as a spy who was working as a double agent—playing both sides—until he got caught. Caught by... Han Seok Kyu, his South Korean commanding officer who just realized the spy they have among them (even though they're spies themselves). Ryu Seung Beom is an assassin sent in from the North to kill their agent (Jung Woo) because his cover's been blown. Jeon Ji Hyun plays a mysterious woman whose allegiance is unknown. But enough talking, take a look for yourself: And here are those stills we promised: We're so excited for this film's release! Who else can't wait to get their spy on?