han ye seul replaced spy myung wol

Episode 11 of currently-airing kdrama Spy Myung Wol will be delayed this week due to a shocking showdown revolving around lead actress Han Ye Seul. A special episode will be broadcast in its place.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the flurry of breaking news, allow us to summarize:

On August 14th, actress Han Ye Seul failed to appear for her scheduled drama shoot. Her sudden absence was initially attributed to ill health, but according to the trickle of reports that followed, Han Ye Seul had a problem with the drama's PD Hwang In Hyuk, citing scheduling problems as the reason for their contentious relationship. She requested to have him replaced, but instead of complying, KBS simply added a second PD, hoping it would be enough to appease their lead actress.

Apparently, KBS's action wasn't enough. Han Ye Seul never showed up and left her fellow cast and crew waiting for hours on set. Rumors have it that the American-born Han Ye Seul (real name Leslie Kim) has left for America to spend time with her family.

So what happens now? For starters, KBS plans to take legal action against Han Ye Seul for failing to show up. Even more shocking, they will be replacing her with another actress. 

What does this mean for a drama whose namesake Myung Wol is no longer in the picture? How will the drama explain the sudden change in leads? Is this for the better? Will you be tuning in?

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Source: Star News