Greetings dear Hustlers. Everyone ready to start running from the cops and straight into more trouble? Will Ma Jin Seok finally be forced to pay his taxes in full, or will our group of adorkable swindlers be forced to call a quits for good? Join Cici, Wendilynn and me, Firnlambe, as we discuss episodes 5 and 6 of Squad 38.

Wendilynn: I swear, this show will give me an ulcer by the end of it. They do such a great job of building tension that I’m just in knots. Forget that I know that they are supposed to win in the end, it doesn’t stop me from being nervous for them. Lol

Firnlambe: No joke!! So much tension that I had to set my video on pause and walk away. The main source of my tension will be this cop who may or may not be crooked. Who by the way I was extremely glad he was placed in cuffs.

Cici: I am having a hard time admitting that Detective Sa is crooked. That actor always plays the most lovable characters, so this is quite a shock to my system. But he certainly seems to be working on the wrong side of the law in this drama.

Wendilynn: Oh yeah, he’s crooked. He has to be. Especially now that we know that this tax avoidance stuff goes through the Mayor who is beholden to whomever these guys are. And did you catch them talking about the out of business Wang enterprises or some such? Could that possibly be tied to our jail bird who commands so many even behind bars?

Firnlambe: Maybe? I don’t think so though. I feel like he is someone who has been burned by the cooperation, not someone who is working with them.

Wendilynn: Our jailbird was double crossed in some major way. He wants revenge. I’m trying to keep in mind that Jung Do’s primary job is to get back at the people for this influential inmate. Somehow, what he’s doing has to be killing two birds with one stone. He gets to help a truly decent guy, while catching those he’s supposed to. There is clearly more to this.

Firnlambe: That made me d’awwww so much. I love that everyone is behind the idea, and I’m glad this cleared up the question that was starting to form in my head. I was starting to wonder how the writers were going to continue to keep this group of miscreants together. I’m so lookig forward to seeing how they will start scamming all of these people.

Wendilynn: I wonder how many of these people are connected to this Bang Pil Gyu. He’s clearly not someone to mess with. But I see Jung Do trying to.

Cici: I am just happy to see The Wallet back! No Bang Sil is one of my favorite characters. And she is really an awesome ally. I loved how she had so many identical cars at her disposal to aid in their escape. Brilliant.

Firnlambe: Agreed, our wallet is like the hedgehog of the group. She’s all prickly at first glance but give her a chance and she’s adorable. I think that scene where she rescued Jung Do was by far the best scene yet. Not only was it meticulously planned out, she even was able to have the crooked cop placed in cuffs. Or at least I’m assuming she is the one who made that last part happen, we were never told who placed that call in.

Wendilynn: I’m also glad she’s back. And I loved that she got to charge in like a knight in shining “black” armor. Hehehehehe. I was a ball of tension up until that point. They had me so in knots with worry that her sailing in felt like sliding into a hot tub. Nice and relaxing. Lol

Cici: Now I am really curious exactly how Jung Do saved President Kang. Twice. It’s nice that the story was convincing enough to win back Bang Sil’s support, but I want details!

Firnlambe: I want more details about who the big wig is that Bang Pil Gyu is able to call at the drop of a hat when he needs someone to get off of his back. THAT story is what I want more of . . . . but Jung Do’s rescue story is a cloooose second.

Wendilynn: They mentioned the guy that Bang Pil Gyu works for, Choi Chul Woo. The Tax boss and the Mayor were talking about him when they mentioned that Ma Jin Seok was the “wallet” for them. We’ve got some big baddies and Jung Do is going to try and take them all on. Sort of mind boggling. And I also see our Sung Hee coming around because she’s going to find herself in hot water here shortly. Just like Sung Il does.

Cici: Speaking of Ma Jin Seok, wasn’t it amazing how quickly they turned the tables on him? By paying his back taxes with the money they scammed from him, no less. That certainly did not sit well with his superiors. And just that fast, he is out of their good graces and back in the gutter.

Firnlambe: I loved the whole way they revealed that everything was a scam. It was such a great moment for Sung Il, but I have to admit I do feel bad for Ma Jin Seok’s daughter. The poor thing //sigh// but that is the end of my sympathy. Jin Seok got exactly what he deserved . . . stupid corrupt jerkface.

Cici: I’ve got to say that the pervasive levels of corruption are what boggle my mind, though. It goes clear to the top, and that’s what makes it so hard to know who to trust. Poor Sung Hee is so naive, and she’s finally finding out that the very people who should be protecting her are the ones who will abandon her if she gets too close to the truth. Yes, she is about to have to join forces with Sung Il’s team, whether she likes it or not. Yay! One less person for them to have to worry about!

Firnlambe: Speaking of Sung Hee . . . anyone else totally digging the flashback scene during the car crash? You know, the one with awkward Jung Do trying to convince Sung Hee to not work as a telemarketer simply because he was leaving? I loved it, even though I find Sung Hee annoying to the ^nth degree. I would have preferred it happening without a concussion involved in it, but I’ll take what I can get.

Cici: The blue truck of doom! My heart nearly stopped when it sideswiped Jung Do. But I was a little confused as to his motive in that flashback. I don’t think he tried to steer her away from the job because he was leaving, I think it was because he was running some kind of con, and didn’t want her to get involved. He was protecting her. That’s why Mi Joo looked so surprised when he turned her away.

Wendilynn: I think we’re dealing with a love at first sight sort of thing. He looked a little dazed when she first showed up. I think that’s why he didn’t want her in on the telemarketer scam. And he makes some silly excuses to accidentally run into her when he knows full well Sung Il is not there. His heart has never quite forgotten her, I think.

Firnlambe: I really hope her character starts to shape up and see the whole picture. I’m totally understanding to a point with her feeling betrayed or what not, but seriously? This extended grudge needs to be over. She never would have known he was a con artist if he hadn’t told her. He could have totally just kept up their relationship without her ever being the wiser. I feel like she should be a little grateful he ended it the way that he did, particularly when he didn’t have to.

Cici: I think Sung Hee will soon realize that Jung Do is actually the only one who can save Sung Il, and that will bring her around. Heaven knows she tried everything she could to save her boss, and failed miserably at it. Her naivete nearly cost both their jobs, and quite possibly more. She’s just about to realize that it is going to take a whole team of incredibly clever and basically ruthless con artists to defeat the corrupt officials they are dealing with.

Wendilynn: Well keep in mind, she was set by by Manager Kang, that “nice old guy” into going after the absolute wrong person. She will find herself up in front of a disciplinary board or some other such nonsense and she’ll have no choice but to join Sung Il and crew to clear her name. She wouldn’t join Jung Do voluntarily. They are going to give her no choice. Manager Kang, as we know, is in on it.

Things are really starting to move now that taxes have started to be collected. Will we ever learn the truth of who's pulling all the government official's strings? Can Jung Do really save Sung Il's job? Will Sung Hee finally realize that her grudge is based off of a gross misunderstanding? Or is everything doomed to fail no matter how hard our band of miscreants try? Join us when we discuss episodes 7 & 8 and be sure to drop us a line in the comment section below. We'd love to hear how you feel about the show.

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