And you thought Pokemon were hard to catch? That's nothing compared to the wild ride Jung Do and his team of creative miscreants have been on trying to catch all the corrupt bad guys and bring them to justice. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss all the twists, turns, and bumps in the road that have brought us to the conclusion of this amazing drama. 

Firnlambe: WAHHHHAAAAT did we just watch?!?! . . . . . and where can I get more?

Wendilynn: Talk about a very satisfying payoff to a great story.

Cici: Talk about plot twists! Whenever one of the “good guys” did something to betray the team, I would think, “Ha! I knew it!” And then it would turn out to be something totally forgivable, or even part of the master plot. Did anyone else suspect Brillo Hair as the one who betrayed Jung Do both two years ago and in their current scam?


Firnlambe: //shyly raises arm// I did . . . mainly because he was always so incredibly pissed about the incident two years ago, that I could trust in his rage--causing him to be the mole. I feel like after the very first “surprise all this happened for a reason” flashback I have been hesitant to believe anything anymore until it was deemed fully true.

Wendilynn: I admit to suspecting Teddy Bear. But, I also thought that it was part of the plan originally. So when it turned out that there really was a spy, I was surprised. But I love how they didn’t hide it. They went and confronted it and apologized. That floored Hak Joo and allowed him to come back to the fold without them all beating him up. Although, he certainly took one for the team later.

Cici: Jung Do’s honesty in letting the team know that someone had betrayed them, and his willingness to apologize to the “spy” just made me love him more. If that’s possible. But what really got me was when he said that he couldn’t bear to be the cause of someone else getting hurt again. I may have sobbed a little.


Firnlambe: This whole show was a roller-coaster of feels. Complete with loopty-loops and 90 degree dives. I don't know about you two, but my heart really couldn’t stand it towards the end.

Wendilynn: You know, when Jung Do originally told them he couldn’t take hurting people anymore, I went “awwwwww”. I really thought we were seeing how much he’s grown from who he was at the beginning of the show. But, later, you learn what that line really meant and it floors you. This kid was so genuinely good, inside and out.

Cici: I agree, but every once in awhile he’d say something that made me wonder if he was actually conning everyone all the time. Like when Sung Il warned him that someone would get hurt, and his response was something like, “So what? I’m a con artist.” But when you consider all the people he’s trying to help, and the personal sacrifices he’s willing to make to accomplish that, you realize just what a softie he really is.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie though, that ending made me emotional because Jung Do calls Sung Il “Hyung” for the first and only time and then it also caused me to start tripping out. Like..what?!?!...I demand a season two OCN!!


Wendilynn: When Sung Il was talking about getting hurt, you only realize later that what he meant was how much their feelings would hurt when they realized the sacrifice he was making for them. They really did care for the little rascal, especially Mi Joo, who was in love with him. He wasn’t giving them a choice to prevent him, either. That ending made me laugh, but I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Payback is a *itch and everyone was getting some.

Cici: Speaking of paybacks, I was so anxious that Ahn Tae Wook was going to get away with everything once he switched sides to Mayor Cheon. I really wanted to see him go down, and Ma Jin Seok actually turned out to be a great instrument for that. But I gotta admit I was a little sad that the mayor went down with him. I understand that it was only right for him to pay for covering up the murder eight years ago, but I felt like he was really sincere when he told Sung Hee that he wanted to be a great mayor. He just got lost and corrupted along the way.


Firnlambe: eh . . . I could care less about the Mayor. Even more so because of the murder cover-up fiasco.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, I loved it when the Mayor got a little bit of his own against Chairman Choi, but I agree with Firnlambe, it was a little too late. He got lost in the corruption he was forced to swallow to do what he thought was his job. It made him do things he should have never done. I had to laugh though when Ma Jin Seok turned out to be really decent in the end. I think he finally figured out that the ruthlessly rich will always abandon you if they can. It made his mark on Det. Sa all that much more satisfying...the dirtbag.

Firnlambe: I was extremely disappointed when I thought Ma Jin Seok went back to his old ways, so I gave a huge sigh of relief when it turned out he was just scamming Detective Sa because it was convenient in closing in on Chairman Choi.

Cici: Oooo, Sa Jae Sung was such a scum. So it was perfectly fitting that the very act of turning informer for Choi Chul Woo was what brought him down in the end. I had to laugh when he opened his treasure trunk, only to find it cleaned out. And then to have his picture spread on the news, with enough evidence to send him to prison--ah, revenge is sweet! And he didn’t even get to keep the Coach bag.


Wendilynn: I’ve never been a fan of Coach bags, but if they are going to start keeping 5 billion won in them, I might start to like them. *wink*

Firnlambe: Dear lord the Coach bags . . . if that isn’t a sure fire way to scream "Hey look at me.....I HAVE MONEY" I don’t know what is.

Cici: I loved the way the Mayor told Sung Hee to go after Choi Chul Woo’s taxes. It was his last request to making things right, and he trusted her to do it (with the help of The Team, of course).


Wendilynn: I think he knew that the only way to really catch Chairman Choi was for the Mayor to admit to his mistakes and connect them to him. That way Choi had nowhere to run, financially. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Sung Il and Jung Do figured in him doing exactly that once he had nowhere else to hide, himself.

Firnlambe: I'm with Wendilynn, there was really no other way to catch the jerkface. I may not like the Mayor because of his poor choices and the decision to cover up murder, but at least he had the backbone to finally do what was right.

Cici: It was a pretty gutsy move, but you’re right, he really had no choice. At least he was able to keep that slimy Ahn Tae Wook from becoming vice-mayor and get back at rich, arrogant Chairman Choi at the same time. Which led to this oh-so-satisfying scene:


Wendilynn: That made me laugh. It was excellent payoff, in the end. And I’m all for Ahn Tae Wook getting the shaft. That man was evil. He really was.

Cici: So, we’re back to the end of the scam, and Jung Do ends up being the guy he “paid to go to prison for him”. I was so disappointed that he wasn’t able to wriggle out of it, but it did produce the scene that had me sobbing on the floor. So much for keeping promises…


Wendilynn: I cried at this goodbye scene because I had just watched Train to Busan and Ma Dong Soek’s character in that movie made me cry, too. So this had me all in tears as these two were being all sweet to each other.

Firnlambe: Side note: I'm extremely jealous you have been able to see Train to Busan....back on point: I must be a heartless person. I didn't cry once during this series. It was very close a few times, but no water formed. That being said the bromance between these two (Jung Do and Sung Il) was spectacularly written and I am so glad it was never fully put in jeopardy.

Cici: The bromance is real! I’m so glad the drama didn’t end there, because I needed to know that the team would continue on together, even after Jung Do went to prison. Which apparently they did. And not only Sung Hee, but the rest of the tax team, joined in the crusade. **wipes tears and does happy dance**

Wendilynn: The whole team seemed to have a secret smile, didn’t they?


Firnlambe: Awwww our Justice League is back at it again. I love the way the show ended.

Cici: Yeah, that would have been such a pleasant ending...and then we get the scene with Jung Do in prison, being saved from a crazed Sa Jae Sung by Sung Il’s doppelganger. What on earth was this?? A non-ending?? 


Wendilynn: It’s a non ending, but it’s also a way for Jung Do to not totally lose out. Everyone else got a happy ending except for him. But, he got a new buddy who looks just like his old one.

Firnlambe: I'm still tripping out because of this. Does Sung Il have a twin brother that he failed to mention to us?**

Cici: Let’s hope it’s also a lead-in to season two!

Wendilynn: I would be up for a season two. This writer has a way of creating worlds we like to spend lots of time in.

Firnlambe: I believe in you OCN. You are known for giving continuations to our beloved shows so I demand answers!! //ahem// SEASON TWO! ... SEASON TWO!!!

Cici: **Amber Kmuse has an interesting explanation for the mysterious Sung Il look-alike. Read her blog post to learn more!

Well, it's over--or is it? What did you think of the ending? Are you up for season two? Let us know in the comments below!

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