Exactly when does the end justify the means? Does fighting corruption ever justify getting involved in illegal activities? And if working with con men is justified, just how far should a good guy trust them? Join Firnlambe, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss the interesting juxtapositions of good and bad, right and wrong, and friend and foe in the latest episodes of Squad 38.

Cici: Let me start by saying that Jung Do’s criminal mind is amazing. I was impressed in Episode 2 when he had seven cars lined up as “insurance,” but the way he got Sung Il and himself out of that arrest and continued the scam was brilliant. He had a plan for every contingency. Of course, he nearly gave Sung Il a heart attack in the process, lol.

Wendilynn: I had such a hard time starting Episode 4 because of Sung Hee calling in the fraud. And then the way Episode 4 ended, I’m all nerves. It’s like, just let Jung Do have one thing go well please?!!! However, it was good of him to plan for Sung Il's discomfort with the whole process so it plays better.


Firnlambe: Good lord Sung Il will be the death of me. If he can't become more comfortable doing what he needs to do in order to achieve his ultimate goal soon, I may start chucking pillows. It’s going between that or Sung Hee’s meddling in affairs she should not even be privy to.

Cici: She would have probably been willing to let Sung Il handle things his own way if she hadn’t recognized Jung Do. Their past was so painful to her, she considers it her solemn responsibility to save her boss from the bad guy. Plus, she knows how upright and honest Sung Il is, so she is having a hard time letting him get involved in something dishonest. I get it, but why can’t she just trust his judgement? He is her superior, after all.


Wendilynn: It falls under “doing it for your own good” She seems to view Sung Il as upright and sort of innocent and she is not going to let him become corrupted. However, if she doesn’t get on the ball soon, I’m going to get an ulcer from the suspense. Lol

Firnlambe: I don't know . . . I feel like the relationship between Sung Hee and Jung Do is less complicated than they are trying to make it seem. To me he dumped her, not because she didn't have any money, but because he knew that his arrest was imminent. The way he looked at their past couple pictures (heck, that he even kept them) proves to me that he really did like her.


Cici: Absolutely. Not quite noble idiocy, but darn close. And now he really can’t go back to her and explain, cause she just shuts him down. I didn’t think I was up for a love line, but this could be interesting. I love the way Jung Do is kind of sassy and arrogant. I see potential for some fun tension.

Wendilynn: You have to have a lot of bravado to make swindling work. Although they are having trouble keeping their wallet. As for the love line, I also agree that he left her for her own good. I wish they would not do the “I really hated you” reason because that consistently screws people up. I have to wonder what the triangle is between Jung Do, Sung Hee and Mi Joo. Something is up there.

Firnlambe: My brain is still recovering from K-con NY . . . Remind me who Mi Joo is again?

Cici: She’s Jung Do’s accomplice that he has some history with. When Sung Hee barged in to their meeting and saw both Jung Do and Mi Joo, there was a shocked expression on both women’s faces. So yeah, there’s some kind of history there, but who knows what it is? The other person I’m wondering about is Jung Do’s mom. We know his dad is in prison for supposedly being a dirty cop, but do we know anything about his mom? I’m assuming that’s who is next to him in the family picture…


Wendilynn: We don’t know what happened to Mom yet. In either case, Jung Do has that no nonsense cop, Jae Sung, who would just love to send him to jail. He’s almost salivating to get his hands on him. 

Firnlambe: That is a story line i'm really interested in. This cop is so hardcore with Jung Do and I really want to know why. To me it seems like his father was falsely accused of being a dirty cop. And my gut is telling me this Jae Sung character put him there.

Cici: Yeah, I think I remember him briefly mentioning that. So Jae Sung is the one who sent both Jung Do and his father to prison? At first I thought he was some super tough cop, but now I wonder if he isn’t part of the whole corruption mess. That might explain why Jung Do’s dad won’t talk to anyone.

Wendilynn: Not that his Dad seems altogether with it. Something bad happened to that guy. Very bad. And I’m on the train that Jae Sung may be in on the dirty stuff. He’s too hard core for someone so “straight and narrow”.


Cici: Well, he’s either corrupt or completely heartless. The way he talks to Jung Do makes him look like he’s just in it for the glory. He even encourages Jung Do to do something big, so he can get more credit for putting him away.

Firnlambe: Since we are still on the topic of Jung Do, is anyone else super curious as to how he saved mister bigwig in jail . . . Who happens to have the guards wrapped around his finger if he can receive a cell phone call.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that will be a story to listen to. Although, would just running the scam that will pay these guys back really count as ‘saving his life”?

Cici: No, there’s got to be something else there. I thought it was pretty cool how Jung Do used that connection to bring in No Bang Sil as the wallet. Now she’s a scary character. It says something when the scam gets iffy enough to make her bow out. I think she’ll be back, though. But what do you guys think about the rest of the team?


Firnlambe: She’s in the opening credits, there is no way they can not bring her back. Though I have to agree that the woman is ridiculously scary. //side eyes the hot tea in face scene//


Wendilynn: The team is intriguing. Our hacker is humorous in his own goofy way. I had to laugh when Sung Il and the curly haired dude had to acknowledge that they had met before under assumed names. Lol

Firnlambe: I can't decide which lackey is my favorite. Personally I'm leaning towards the curly haired man. Just because he banters so well with everyone else

Cici: We kind of have a band of misfits who would normally “not play well with others,” lol. Yet somehow Jung Do manages to pull them all together. But the most impressive thing to me is the way he teaches straight-laced Sung Il the art of the scam. That is a bromance that is charming my socks off!


Wendilynn: This is the relationship that brings me back to this show. These two right here. They are the ones I enjoy watching the most. My favorite scene was when Sung Il wanted to be in charge as the elder and so Jung Do keeps his mouth shut in the situation with the Wallet and kept his mouth shut until Sung Il deferred to him. He learned his lesson in that moment. Age doesn’t mean jack when it comes to the con. Still a very funny scene though.

Cici: Sung Il is learning that none of the rules he’s accustomed to playing by apply to his current situation. But he’s also learning that his new approach to his line of work can be...fun! And I for one can’t wait for next week!


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