Welcome, Hustlers, to a little comeuppance and to a lot of arrogance. Bang Pil Gyu is trying to keep his guppies all in line, but all he’s really done is piss off Sung Il and Jung Do. Now it’s time to take down the people who everyone else won’t touch. Will antiques be their Achilles’ heel? Join Cici, Firnlambe and me as we debate whether they will be able to do it or not.

Cici: I was so happy that the relationship between Jung Do and Sung Il became one of mutual respect after Jung Do and team worked with Sung Il’s ”collecting” the taxes from three hundred people. That scene in the cafe was just heart-warming. And I love that Sung Il is no longer trying to change Jung Do, but is just concerned that he might get caught.


Cici: Of course, all those warm fuzzies are short-lived. Wow, that Bang Pil Gyu is a real piece of...work. That conversation he had with his boss about how great Korea is because the poor are always fighting amongst themselves really struck a nerve. Maybe because in nine cases out of ten, he was right. That must be why I’m so excited to see what happens when he runs up against a group that is the exception to his little rule.

Firnlambe: I’m curious to see where they go with this character. We could have some very rocky roads ahead of us if the writers decide to make it difficult from here on out. Thank goodness his son is such an idiot. I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing him finally figure out he’s been scammed.

Wendilynn: I’m expecting it to get very very rocky. Bang Pil Gyu is a piece of work, but he’s not anything new. We’ve seen this type of slime before. I was fascinated by two things. How the Chairman basically ignored him while they were eating and how the Mayor reminded him that ultimately he’s also a guppie. This guy is so ready to abandon anyone not helpful to him, I really hope that builds up to some awesome payback.


Cici: Bang Pil Gyuk just never backs down, though. And I’m a little worried that the team may not have learned from the example of Ma Jin Seok. If you start at the bottom and take down that bad guy, he has no choice but to retaliate in a really dirty way in order to get back into his boss’ good graces. I hate to imagine what Bang Pil Gyu will be capable of if they manage to scam him for $50,000,000!

Firnlambe: That poor intern . . . that made me really sad and exceptionally mad at Ma Jerk. I know we needed something to push Sung Il into coming to Jung Do for help, but I wish they had been more kind and not had him paralyzed.


Wendilynn: That was so aggravating. I don’t blame Sung Il for being pissed. He was a good kid who just had his entire life destroyed. When he was explaining why he slept all the time, it really showed an understanding of his work situation. I really want to slap that son upside the head. He deserves to be crushed.

Cici: That son is an interesting villain. The way he brained Poor Intern showed a complete lack of moral sense. His only guide in life seems to be greed, what will Daddy think?, and more greed. Fortunately, that makes him a really easy mark. The way Jang Do played him during and after the “investor’s meeting” was brilliant.

Firnlambe: I think between the two siblings I’m looking forward to seeing how the sister is finally brought down. Mainly because it was Sung Il who came up with the plan. It’s bound to be good if it can make their wallet question if he really wrote it on his own.


Wendilynn: Yeah, I really hope Sung Il’s plan pans out. And now that Sung Hee’s been seriously disillusioned, how long do you think she’ll fight against Jung Do?

Cici: Honestly, I thought she would come around before this, but then there was the scene where she explains to Sung Il that of course their bosses are protecting Bang Pil Gyu, everyone has known that for a long time, and there’s no hope for actually taking him down. But if she knew that, she must have really wanted to save Sung Il if she was willing to risk her own job to attack BPG. Of course, now that she knows her life might be on the line, it’s a little more understandable that she’s willing to apologize and back off. But I really don’t like the way she has become resigned to her fate, and given up. She needs a little more spirit and sense of outrage to make her willing to join the team. Come on, Sung Hee! Don’t let the bad guys turn you into an invertebrate!


Firnlambe: I’m not understanding her logic for being so dead set on saving Sung Il. Did he save her life? Pay off her debt? What?!? It seems like she’s risking way too much for her supervisor to be socially acceptable. As for when she joins up with Jung Do . . . I predict that’s going to happen at the end of next week. Sung Il’s plan will develop a kink and since she’s at the top of Bang Pil Gyu’s chopping block she’ll face disaster at work right around the same time. THUS! Leading to them working together . . . . somehow . . . . maybe……...I can dream.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I expect a kink to happen. After all we’ve got corrupt cop trying to manipulate things from jail. I love knowing that the scene that caused me to get an ulcer was actually designed by Jung Do.


Cici: Isn’t it fun to find out that Jung do is really in control of so much more than we thought? He is such a cool character. And I am really loving the bromance between Jung Do and Sung Il. They are so adorable together!


Cici: By the way, does anyone else see a resemblance between Jung Do’s smile and mannerisms, and Matt Damon’s? That little half-turned-down smile gets me every time. Just one more reason to love Jung Do, lol.

7_SIG-MD_Same Smile.jpg

Well, it looks like Sung Il has finally decided that it’s more important to get justice for the innocent than to play by the rules. The question is, will he be able to think on his feet fast enough to avoid the traps set by the bad guys? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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