Welcome back wonderfulreaders. Our band of miscreants has suddenly turned into an impromptu Justice League, fighting to take down--"the Man." . . . . but will they be able to bring his reign of terror straight down to ground level? Or are our friends doomed for failure no matter what they try and do to succeed in life. Join Cici, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they come down and discuss all of these strange times.

Cici: I love that we find out almost immediately that Jung Do tells Sung Il to testify against him and then go find out who/what is the real “purse strings” of Choi Chul Woo. And I love that they were both willing to play this con for two whole years in order to be able to pull it off. Talk about a long game!

Wendilynn: I started laughing so hard when the reveal happened that I startled my son. I was sort of heartbroken at the end of ep. 12 and so to know that it was all part of the plan made me laugh. Man this show really knows how to hold its cards to its chest. They only give us barely enough to sort of know what’s going on, but we never know it all.

Firnlambe: //dances around in small circles// I called it...I called it!!!! knew that this was all apart of the plan, kinda. I mean I’m sure they did not intend for him to go to jail, but Sung Il testifying “against” Jung Do was so on purpose.

Wendilynn: I have to hand it to Sung ll for playing the whipped and crushed version of himself for two whole years. That would not be easy to do.

Cici: And he did it so well, he even fooled Sung Hee. I thought it was touching how she visited Jung Do in jail, and how she not only gave him permission to go after her father if he needed to, but asked him to rescue Sung Il from himself. She’s coming around. And it seems like everything she does just makes Jung Do like her more.

So, on a different note, did anyone else suspect that it was definitely not a coincidence that both Jung Do and President Whang were released from prison at practically the same time? I have to wonder what they discussed during those two years, and what plans they made. In fact, I wonder if Jung Do actually went to prison on purpose just so he could collaborate with the President.

Firnlambe: We all knew that this was going to happen to Sung Hee. I mean, she was bound to be sucked into Jung Do's planing eventually. I'm just glad she finally decided to follow her heart--it only took two additional years to reach the same conclusion as us.. . . . . As for President Whang and Jung Do being released from prison at the same time. I have no doubts that their similar release dates was somehow planned. 

Wendilynn: I don’t think he went deliberately into jail. I think they had to sacrifice to make their next move and Jung Do realized it first. He is nothing if not focused on the overall game plan. I did laugh once Chairman Whang got out. He clearly likes Jung Do. And Lee Deok Hwa is a perfect choice for this role. I was honestly not expecting to like his character. I considered he was the same corrupt asshole that Chairman Choi was. But he’s likeable for a corrupt rich dude. I especially enjoyed the hair jokes. His beautifully coiffed hair is about as famous as he is and that they were slyly poking fun at it possibly being fake cracked me up.

Firnlambe: I was also fully expecting to hate on his character. I mean usually that’s what we do…...right? But I agree that the jokes against his hair were classic, and how can we hate someone who seems to adore Jung Do?

Cici: See, I trust Jung Do’s judgement, so if he’s loyal to the guy, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, that “joke” about how he would have buried Jung Do in cement for missing his release from jail in the “old days” made me realize that Pres. is not just some arrogant rich guy serving his time for tax evasion--he’s a bona fide gangster. With a heart of gold, of course, lol. I really did appreciate the fact that he listened to Sung Il’s presentation and saw the potential in the plan.

Wendilynn: We will have to trust Jung Do’s judgement because they’ve brought in Ma Jin Seok to play with them. The LAST guy I expected to see anywhere near them. Sung Il is right to be wary. This could all blow up in their faces. I did like to see that they are fighting for the little guy. Now it's not just about paying back taxes, it’s about helping the poor and needy keep their homes.

Cici: I was appalled when Ma Jin Seok walked in. But I have a feeling he’s actually being conned again rather than trusted. Remember when Jung Do asked Sung Il if he remembered the first time they saw MJS? That was a hint. MJS has freely admitted that he’s broke and only in it for the money--he might as well have said that he’s for sale to the highest bidder. They’ll use him, that’s all.

Firnlambe: Are you kidding?!?! I was in my car screaming “YAAAAAAAAS //deep breath and laughter// YAAAAAAAS” -- lmao I was so excited that they brought him in that it surprised me. Then they go and use him brilliantly to boot? I was sold.

Wendilynn: Yes, MJS is a mercenary, that’s for sure. I’ll have to go rewatch the beginning so I can see what Jung Do meant.

Cici: Flashback: The three of them first met when Jung Do had to get to the land office to arrange the land fraud deal, even getting in an accident with the blue truck of doom on the way. I think the point was that they used MJS's greed to get to the guys higher up the first time, and that they'll do it again. Make no mistake--no one trusts that guy. But he can be depended on to do just about anything if it’s in his own best interest.

Wendilynn: Until someone offers him more money. But, he has been abandoned by Choi and Bang once before, so he knows he would be abandoned by them again in a heartbeat.

Cici: So, we know about MJS’s motivation, but what really impressed me was the way the entire team is going for justice for the poor. It’s still about taxes, but that’s just a distraction. The real issue is civic duty, and keeping things fair. Jung Do’s little speech was quite moving. And I still have hope that Sung Hee’s father, Mayor Chun, will finally shake off the ties he has with Choi Chul Woo and return to protecting the people of the town that elected him in the first place.

Firnlambe: My favorite character out of our makeshift Justice League is our fluffy teddy bear. He’s super excited when Jung Do is released from prison, and then he is forced to be beaten up for the sake of the job. Everyone wanting to baby him and buy him food made me smile so much.

Wendilynn: Calling him a teddy bear is a good description. Everyone was slightly horrified by what curly-haired did to him. Even I was like, “take your fingers out of his mouth”. Lol

Cici: Yeah, I love the whole team, but Madame Noh is still my favorite. She’s one tough, smart cookie, but once you’ve earned her respect, she’s loyal. And she’s been all about what’s fair from way back. Plus she admits that she’s on Sung Il’s side, whichever side that is. The other character who has really started to grow on me is Mi Joo. The way she practically begged everyone on the team to support Jung Do was pretty moving.

Wendilynn: Moving…. Yeah, then she pushed their face in ramen for saying no. lol She is no wilting flower. Lol I like that they are all counting on Chairman Choi to come hunting them down. Which makes me think the final scene in ep 14 did not come as a real surprise.

Cici: It’s great that Chairman Choi thinks they’re still after him for his huge tax debt, when in reality they’re going after his real source of income, his construction company. It’s his misuse of his power that they are fighting. And even more satisfying is the fact that they get another chance to go after Manager Ahn again now that he's the head of that construction company. He is such a slimy jerk, I loathe him even more than MJS

Wendilynn: I almost felt sorry for him when he got canned because he was just playing the system he has to work with. But he’s put his hand in with Choi and that makes him scum. I have to wonder which ‘informant’ they are using from two years ago? Mi Joo? The Dirty Cop?

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