Double Crosses, triple crosses and I’m real sure we even had a quad-cross happen last week. Everyone is duping everyone else and who is on whose side? Just what is Jung Do up to and just who is important to whom? We got some answers and a few hundred more questions fell in our lap. Join Firnlambe, Cici and I, Wendilynn as we discuss these exciting episodes of Squad 38.

Wendilynn: Finally we got to know Jung Do’s backstory.

Firnlambe: This does make everything seem to click into place doesn't it. This poor kid can't catch a break.

Cici: I felt so bad for him when I realized that not only his dad, but his mom as well got sent to prison unjustly. No wonder he has it in for both Bang Pil Gyu and Choi Chul Woo. They practice the worst form of arrogance, taking advantage of those who are less educated or desperate, completely without remorse. Well, Pil Gyu pretended to be sorry when he realized that Jung Do had his money and wasn’t going to use it to pay his taxes. But it sure was satisfying when Jung Do decided to just have all that money tossed from the tallest buildings in town.


Wendilynn: I kept watching that scene and wondered how they explained that to whoever issued the permit for filming that scene. Lol Can you imagine? “Uh, yeah, we need to pretend to throw several billion won from a group of apartment buildings.” lol I really felt bad for Jung Do when we learned just how they screwed over his mom. Knowing she was now dead. And the complete lack of remorse was rather stunning. It's amazing really, the ways they justify all the cruelty they practice as if it's their right.

Firnlambe: I can't stand these types of villains. They seem to be so much worse when the writers make the bad guy someone we can really relate to as opposed to the obvious gangster baddies we've recently been accustomed to. The rich are always infuriating. 

Cici: I know, right? And rationalizing it all by saying that it’s the destiny of the poor to live that way just makes my blood boil. The villains in this drama are just so...villainous! All except Mayor Cheon. Oh, he’s part of the problem, but for some reason I keep hoping that he’ll turn out to be good. Or repentant. Or at least have a really good reason for doing the things he does. Sung Hee his daughter?


Wendilynn: Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s his daughter. It would explain why she felt she could go straight to him to plead on behalf of her boss to try and get him out of his hearing. I had thought it was strange at the time that she had gone straight to the mayor. Also, since clearly the Mayor and Sung Il are long time friends/brothers in some fashion, it would also explain why she looks up to him so much. She’s beyond loyal. I'm convinced Mayor Cheon is trying his best to work within a very corrupt system. He’s working way to hard to keep Sung Il in place.

Firnlambe: I have no idea where my brain has been up until this point, but for some reason I never put it together that Mayor Cheon is the legit MAYOR of the whole damn town. I think I was trying to rationalize that he was getting pulled left and right by a private citizen because he was just some high end muckity muck in the taxation department. Obviously I was wrong and this private citizen is able to control so much more than he rightfully should. 

Cici: He always looks so tired, as well as resigned. It must be so hard knowing that no matter how hard you want to fight for justice, that the corruption in the system is going to overpower you in the end. I can understand why he feels that the best he can do is try to protect the people he cares about and keep a low profile. But I also think he’s going to have enough very soon and figure out a way to actually support Sung Il and get real justice for Jung Do.

38e11 public.jpg

Wendilynn: Jung Do is as much a victim in all of this as anyone else. I thought the floor was going to fall out beneath me when I realized that only Madam Noh was in on everything. He even kept the rest of his team clueless. BUT, when Sung Il was beating him up in the park later, I was laughing my butt off. This week’s episodes really had some amazing moments.

Firnlambe: I really hope this is not the last we see of Madam Noh, she's such a great character. Though I will admit that the Bromance is strong with these two knuckleheads. I lost it so hard when they fought in the park.   

Cici: Even when Sung Il and Jung Do are fighting, they are adorable together. I haven’t seen such an hilarious fight scene since Jaejoong and Ji Sung went at it in Protect the Boss. And then the scene in the detention center, where they had to share the blanket, was so darn cute. I really love the bromance between these two!


Wendilynn: I was laughing so hard at this. This scene was a riot. You’re right though, the chemistry between these two is just enjoyable to watch. Doesn’t matter if they are fighting or sharing a blanket. Speaking of chemistry, poor Sung Hee. Now that she knows she was never scammed, what is she supposed to do with that?

Cici: Run to Jung Do, of course! Although she may feel like it’s all water under the bridge and it’s too late to get back together with him, it’s clear that he still has feelings for her. I really wonder if that will go anywhere. Somehow I can’t quite see her joining the team after all her resistance.

Firnlambe: I'm torn in both directions. On one hand I would love to see Jung Do receive some well deserved happiness, but on the other hand it would be refreshing if the show is able to move on without the romance factor. 

Wendilynn: I’ll be honest, I sort of don’t want them opening that can of worms. If she is the Mayor’s daughter, her dad just sent him to jail. Lol Geez, I can’t imagine how they are going to unravel this mess.

Cici: Were you as shocked as I was when Sung Il testified against Jung Do? Holy cow, that felt awful! Thank goodness for the previews that showed Jung Do being released right away. But I’m not sure that he’ll be able to forgive Sung Il. Unless the whole thing was part of another elaborate scam, and we’re just not seeing the real forest for the trees. It wouldn’t be the first time!

38e12 testify.jpg

Firnlambe: Oh I'm totally denying that this is going down the way they want us to think. Not including the preview, there was a slight smirk on Sung Il's face that has me convinced this is part of the plan, and that the whole forest is just beyond the dark tunnel we've been pushed into.

Wendilynn: When do they ever show us the whole forest? We haven’t known the whole story to start with. I mean goodness gracious, we had our Pres. jailbird get informed that Jung Do was going to start his real work now after getting that 50 billion from Bang Pil Gyu. Jung Do doesn’t strike me as the type that has been surprised by much. I think this show still has plenty of traps to lay down and trip.

Cici: I hope you’re right, because the Sung Il/Jung Do reunion we got in these episodes was all too brief. I want them back together, and I’m looking forward to being wowed (again) by the way Jung Do can set ‘em up and knock ‘em down!

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