Can justice really be obtained through spurious means? When you’re dealing with a team of swindlers, just how far can you trust them? Does everyone have a price? Join Firnlambe, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss issues of trust, hidden agendas, and the beauty of a perfect scam.

Cici: I’ve just got to say that I love the way Sung Il is able to rope in Bang Pil Gyu’s daughter. She is so arrogant and greedy, just like her father, so she makes the perfect mark. And he is able to blend the trustworthy vibe with that tinge of dishonesty--who could resist? When he kept trying to give the history and background of that first piece, while all Ho Seok and Mi Na wanted to know was, “How much?!?” I just about died laughing.


Firnlambe: Oh man, Sung Il’s scheme was great. I’m glad it worked out in the end, it got a bit choppy in the middle but they were able to pull things off in the end. My favorite part was at the end. Once she called to finalize them working together . . . Sung Il was so happy he was able to successfully pull a scam, that he was adorable. Large grins for all.


Firnlambe: If I have to be honest though my favorite scam was when Jung Do pulled Sung Hee into scamming Ho Seok. I knew she’d get pulled in eventually, but the way it was finally done was hysterical.


Cici: I loved that part! Jung Do’s smile when she referred to him as her husband was precious. And Sung Hee was so adorably awkward in her first act as a scam artist. So now the marks think she’s Jung Do’s wife, hehehe. But it was so heart-breaking when she turned around and said that she couldn’t remember why she fell for Jung Do, that he had hurt her so badly that she didn’t have any memories at all. What was intended as a light-hearted getting-to-know-you conversation certainly went south fast. And poor Jung Do’s response just tore me up. He’s the only one with any good memories left. That boy is going to really have to work hard if he wants to win her back.


Firnlambe: That was indeed heart-breaking. You could see that it hurt him to lie to her, and you can tell it’s a lie to protect her. This cop, who I’m certain is crooked, makes me confused. What really was his role during Jung Do’s backstory? They keep alluding to what really went down in the past, but DAMMIT I want answers!!

Cici: Everyone’s back story seems to be tangled up in one horrific mess. There’s the incident that happened six years ago that involved Sung Il’s partner, but that might have been related to Jung Do’s dad’s imprisonment as well. Or Jung Do’s. And what is with Mysterious Old Man in jail whom Jung Do is in communication with?


Cici: I have to keep reminding myself that we'e only seen the first ten episodes, so we have to be patient. I hate being patient. But at least one problem was resolved this week. I was really afraid that Mi Joo was going to betray Jung Do out of jealousy and unrequited love. It was such a relief to find out that her pretending to go along with crooked cop’s demands was all a part of a very elaborate scam!

Firnlambe: That was indeed worrisome, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” after all . . . It’s nice to see that she kept her loyalties and only made Jae Sung and everyone else see what they wanted to see.

Cici: Mi Joo was so good at convincing the entire Bang family that she didn’t want to face Jung Do after betraying him, she even had me fooled. It wasn’t till Sung Il went back and gave Mi Na one last chance to pay her taxes that the truth came out.


Cici: Of course, she was so arrogant over her supposed victory, she refused to see who had really won until he spelled it out for her. The way he had to explain to her that it was all a scam, and she had actually already lost her entire treasure, was sooo satisfying. His plan really was flawless.

Firnlambe: He totally should consider a career shift. He is much more confident in this setting than in his city position. I got a lot more satisfaction during that whole scene because Mi Na broke down into tears. I’m vindictive, I know, but it was great to see her try her hardest to buy Sung Il over with even more money when we know that would never work . . . particularly with him of all people.

Cici: So, just when I was all ready to celebrate, Jung Do has to go and throw a monkey wrench in the whole deal. That ending scene where he tells Sung Il that he can’t let him have the money for taxes just made my heart drop through the floor, especially when the camera panned to show him with Bang Pil Gyu. Nooooooo! Please let this be an extension of the scam, instead of the ultimate betrayal!


Firnlambe: Right!?! The only saving grace I can see is from the preview. And that is the fact that Ms. Money Banks is the one holding all the funds, and she seems to have thrown her lot in with Sung Il.

Cici: I've suspected that there has been a hidden agenda all along. Remember how Jung Do told Sung Il that he was planning an elaborate scheme to take down not only Bang Pil Gyu, but Choi Chil Woo, and the mayor? He tried to pass it off as a joke, but I have a feeling that “many a true word is spoken in jest.”


Cici: Let’s just hope this isn’t the end of a beautiful bromance!

Well, Hustlers, what do you think? Should Sung Il trust Jung Do and his team of swindlers, or has the prospect of getting away with 50,000,000,000 won proven too great a temptation for them to resist? Will Sung Hee continue to resist Jung Do's charms, or will she finally allow him to make more good memories to replace the hurt of the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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