While 3D gaming might not be what gamers want, it is apparently what developers want. Even Square-Enix, legendary JRPG studio, are working on ways to bring 3D to their titles. First up is Final Fantasy XIV on PC. Grab some comfortable nose pads and strap on your 3D shades because this is going to be a long ride. As exciting as 3D technology is, it can be equally as annoying. It’s expensive, you have to wear glasses, and it can sometimes take away from the experience all together. The thing plaguing my brain is why Square would bother with 3D on a title that requires anywhere from 80- 120 hours of gameplay. I would think that games with short playtime bursts instead of long drug out hours of gaming would work better with 3D gaming. This way gamers aren’t expected to wear the glasses for prolonged periods of time.

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