Lee Chun Hee finally makes his long-awaited cameo on The Master's Sun. SPOILERS FOLLOW

If you have been following the series, Tae Gong Shil always set out an extra coffee for the coffee ghost whenever she was at the cafe her sister works in. Interestingly enough, Lee Chun Hee also does the same indicating that he also has the ability to see ghosts. He talks into the air as if talking to the coffee ghost, "Are you sad that Gong Sil isn't giving you any coffee these days?"

Lee Chun Hee also foreshadows a meeting with Gong Shil in the near future as he says, "Does this mean I should see Gong Shil. Would she remember me?"

Fans who have already watched the series speculated that Lee Chun Hee might be the one who has taken care of Gong Shil when she was just floating around as a ghost.

What do you guys think?