During the Japanese press tour for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams, the director of the one billion dollar (so far!) grossing movie, revealed he wanted to cast an AKB48 idol in Star Trek.

The surprising casting consideration was given in his interview with Mezamashi TV, when Abrams was asked if he liked any Japanese pop singers.

Around the same time he was working on the Star Trek reboot circa 2009, a Japanese acquaintance took him to see the group perform AKB48at their theater in Akihibara, Japan’s famed otaku mecca.

He cited their stage presence caught his interest in possibly adding one of the ladies to the movie. Even early on in the idol unit’s career they were already garnering overseas attention!

Abrams did not say which member(s) he wished to cast or why it did not become reality, but this gives fans some hope AKB48 could make a Hollywood debut one day.

The next Star Wars film will be filmed soon, so one never knows…

May the force be with AKB48!

What Asian celebrity would you like to see in the next Star Wars or Star Trek movie?

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