A new cafe for stargazers is also a planetarium for coffee drinkers. PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe, open to travelers passing through and the general public, has opened in Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.

Japan's first planetarium opened at what is now the Osaka Science Museum in 1937, and since then planetariums have evolved with the times. The Nagoya City Science Museum now houses the world's biggest planetarium. Another planetarium in Tokyo allows visitors to lay around on the floor as they gaze up at the stars. But most planetariums have one thing in common--they do not allow food or drinks inside. That's why PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe is such a unique concept, because you must buy a drink or eat some food. It's a cafe under the stars and a planetarium, all in one!

"We want people to be able to enjoy a unique experience, to have a drink or bite to eat under 40 million stars," the cafe explains on its website. There is a variety of edibles available at the cafe, from snacks like popcorn and hotdogs to other foods such as salad, pasta, cakes and even beer, wine and liquor. The cafe part is run by PRONTO, a popular franchise cafe/bar. The planetarium shows on the schedule are not all the same, they have original anime shows and other specials throughout the day.

PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe is a cafe from 11AM to 5PM and a bar from 5:30PM to 11PM. If you're at the airport to catch a flight and you're just having a drink to kill some time, make sure you don't get lost in the stars and miss your flight!