There was a great turnout for the VIP screening of new movie Salute D'Amour (장수상회, from the literal title Jang-Soo Store), which took place on April 1 at the Yeongdeungpo District CGV Theater in Seoul. Many stars walked the red carpet and gave the film and their colleagues in the cast their support.

(Clip credit: My Daily. The cast, plus Moon Chae Won, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Seo Jin, Rain, Minho, Jang Dong Gun.)

An interest in stories about older generations has been on the rise in South Korea. Directed by the distinguished Jang Je-kyu, Salute D'Amour depicts the heartbreaking, heartwarming love story of an elderly couple and appears to be continuing that trend. 

Park Geun Hyung

Yoon Yeo-jung

Actor Park Geun Hyung plays Sung-chil, a bullheaded 70 year old who lives alone and works at the Jang-Soo Store along with younger employees. Actress Yoon Yeo Jung portrays flower shop granny Geum-nim, who moves into Seong-chil's neighborhood and tries to befriend him with his gruff self. There will be no lack of obstacles for them and their doting families, as well as laughs (if you think dating is a pain in your 20s, add a half-century to that!) and a huge secret thickening the plot.

The moral of the story? Love knows no age.

More of the cast:

Jo Jin Woong

Hwang Woo Seul Hye

Han Ji Min

Chanyeol of EXO

Moon Ga Young

Salute D'Amour opens in theaters all over South Korea tomorrow, April 9. I look forward to seeing this film one day. I hope it does well!

A representation of the stars in attendance:

Su-ho, Chen, and D.O of EXO, there to support bandmate Chanyeol!

Rain (비)

Choi Ji Woo

Jang Dong Gun

Minho of SHINee

Song Jae Rim

Images credit: As tagged / CJ Entertainment / Big Picture, Inc.

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