Actors Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Tae Ho and Kim So Eun each updated their Instagram accounts with the cutest candid group photo!

The premiere of Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo) is right around the corner! Promotions for the show have been kicked into full gear and have just been supplemented by a cute group photo of all the actors together, letting their followers know the date that their new drama airs. It seems to us that this series of photos was taken after the stars wrapped up their press call at the Seoul Hotel on February 28th! Check out the adorable pics below!

The almost identical pics all show the excited cast as they prepare to premiere their latest work to their fans! Still not sure what this drama is about? Here's a primer about Evergreen to help get you caught up!

Think you know everything about the stars of the show? No? Well, here are 8 facts about Lee Jonghyun and 7 facts about Kim So Eun that may surprise you!

Just for fun, here are 7 gifs to help get you ready for the premiere of Evergreen!

Don't forget to add this new series to your watchlist as it's coming to Dramafever on March 5th as well!


Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo)

Starring Lee Jong Hyun and Kim So Eun

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Cover Photo from Lee Jong Hyun Instagram

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