June 21st is going to be summer solstice in 2014, and it's also going to be the saddest day for dog lovers. On that day, the traditionally celebrated Lychee and Dog Meat Festival will be held in Yulin in Guanxi province of China. Now some famous Chinese stars have come out to openly oppose the festival and the practice of eating dogs.

Actress Yan Mi, star of Palace, posted the above image via Weibo saying, "I think of dogs as friends. I do not eat dog meat. I'm against eating dogs. Dogs are innocent and friendly. Do not eat them."

In the Yulin area, it is traditionally believed that on the day of summer solstice, it is medically beneficial to eat dog meat cooked with lychee fruits. People gather friends and relatives to have a festive banquet to drink rice wine and eat dishes cooked with dog meat. In 2013, it was reported that 10,000 dogs were slaughtered in open markets for the festival in Yulin.

As the local festival and the practice of eating dog meat are not illegal, it has been up to animal rights activists to persuade people to refrain from eating dogs. Now we are glad to know some famous Chinese stars have announced their opposition to the practice.

Aside from Yang Mi, top actor Feng Shao Feng, aka Prince of Lan Ling, recently used Weibo to send a photo of himself with a dog. He wrote, "I haven't been lonely while filming in the desert because of him. I strongly urge people to stop eating dog meat!"

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