Small, standing room only soba houses where hungry commuters can quickly slurp up delicious noodles for a fraction of the price of sit-down restaurants have been around forever in Japan. Next, there was standing room only sushi. The newest trend, however, is unexpected: standing room only steak.

And it's a hit. "Ikinari Steak," literally translated into "Sudden Steak," serves a steak, rice and salad for their lunch special, all for a very affordable 630 yen. For non-lunch hours, you can pay by weight at only five yen per gram of steak. Situated in the Ginza district, one of the most expensive areas in Tokyo, Ikinari Steak is constantly packed. By not having seating, the steakhouse is able to cram more people into their 650 square foot space, maximizing the limited area. Sounds tight, but a reviewer expressed surprise at the ample room he actually had while eating.

Partly because of the standing only situation, most customers eat and get out, resulting in a very fast turnaround for the restaurant. Because the average stay is only thirty minutes, Ikinari Steak is able to serve more than 500 customers a day, resulting in average sales of one million yen. That's 10,000 dollars a day!

The steak is supposed to be delicious and is no longer just popular with salarymen on their lunch break. More and more young couples are seen chowing down on steaks while standing next to each other. With ten new spots scheduled to open in Tokyo this year, the owners are planning to open an Ikinari Steak in New York this summer. Keep your eyes open!