Many Yong Pal fans have been impressed by rising actress Stephanie Lee, who plays Cynthia, a statuesque beauty who is also an action heroine, especially when she slits her skirt to jump into the fight to help Joo Won. Find out these 8 real-life surprises about the stunning model-turned-star. (I'm going to name drop Lee Min Ho here.)

1. Did you know that Stephanie Lee is only 21 years old? 

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and will turn 22 on September 14. Her height is 178 cm (or over 5 ft 10 in.)

2. She aspired to be a model, went to New York, and found a modeling job right away. She is now a popular international model for runways, commercials, and fashion magazines.

For InStyle 2015:

3. Being tall and long-legged definitely has its advantages, as Stephanie got to work with Lee Min Ho in sexy photoshoots for Guess Jeans:

4. In Yong Pal, Stephanie's Cynthia gave Joo Won a hilarious makeover to fit in with his new job at the VIP floor:

5. She showed her action chops when she stepped up into fighting against the bad guys. The scene where she tore her skirt to make room for kicking is simply awesome!

6. Yong Pal is only her second drama. Her first drama was Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School.

Recognize the tall girl?

7. Her "ideal type" among K-drama actors is...

Gong Yoo!  

8. Want to see more of her? Here is an interview via Arirang where you can watch and listen to Stephanie Lee talk about her hopes and dreams (in English.)

It's too bad that Stephanie Lee exited Yong Pal after episode 8. According to the plot, her character finished her contracted agent-for-hire assignment and will be going to the United States for her medical studies. 

I have no doubt that the poised and charming beauty will continue to shine in her dual modeling and acting career. 

Many Yong Pal fans, however, really want her character to come back. 

How about you — would you like Cynthia (Stephanie Lee) to return to Yong Pal?

Watch Stephanie Lee in Yong Pal:

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