We're all big Lee Min Ho fans here, and we already brought you the funny new mini web series "What's Eating Steven Yeun," starring The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun and 2NE1's Sandara Park, but there may be a detail that some of you missed while watching. Take a closer look at this shot, and you'll see that Steven Yeun is broadcasting his love of Lee Min Ho!  

Steven Yeun plays everybody's favorite zombie killer/secret Lee Min Ho fan on AMC's hit series The Walking Dead (We can all agree that his character Glenn is the best, right? RIGHT?). In his mini web series for BeFunny, he trades his usual wardrobe of zombie guts and grime for idol-appropriate clothing, including insanely tight pants and a Lee Min Ho T-shirt. Hey, if he's gonna become a K-celeb, he might as well learn from the best (Lee Min Ho), right?

Even though the series is humorous, I kind of hope that Steven Yeun got to keep that Lee Min Ho shirt and that he wears it to sleep each night. If not, I'll take it!