There are plenty of reasons to start getting excited for the upcoming dramas in mid-August to September. Rain's comeback with My Lovable Girl, Yonghwa's sageuk fusion Three Musketeers, and the quirky mystery-comedy My Secret Hotel are all dramas that I am in varying levels looking forward to. So whoopee that they've got a lot of stills on set! Except for My Lovable Girl, but Rain's just being a tease...

My Lovable Girl

Rain posted up an Instagram picture of the first episode of My Lovable Girl, which has begun shooting and also added a couple more cast members: Kim Jin Woo (Golden Cross) as Rain's rival, Alex Chu (Pasta), and girl group Bestie's Hae Ryung (High School Love On). Looks like Rain needs to get a charger to his phone, stat!

My Secret Hotel

This drama seems to be the quirkiest of them all. Yoo In Na stars as a wedding director of a hotel managed by Nam Goong Min, and she runs into her ex-husband (Jin Yi Han) when he becomes her client as he preps for his remarriage. And then there's a murder in the hotel, and its mystery is tied to Nam Goong Min's past. That bit reminds me a bit of Dating Agency Cyrano, where Lee Chun Hee (as the second male lead) had a secret dangerous past that he tries to not let interfere with his romancing of Sooyoung.

Additional stills from the press conference can also be seen here.

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The Three Musketeers

A barrage of stills are out, including Lee Jin Wook going topless and Jung Yong Hwa showing off his back muscles. In a sageuk. Wao. Drool.

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